COM60203 - 0320922/ Rediscovering Ingenuity of Youth Exercise 1

Corina Raymond, 19 years old. I am half Sarawakian half British. I live in a tiny town that you probably would have never heard of and dream of making it to somewhere that a lot of people dream of. I get easily ecstatic, thrilled, scared and emotional. I really like honest people, big windows, soft skin, surrounded a lot of pillows and road trips.
Toy aren't just for children.

ISO 800 - 33MM - f/4.5 - 1/60sec

Reflection: I found the perfect opportunity to photograph these two elderly men at a toy store in Jonker Street, Melaka. I saw the man with his backpack cross the street and entered the store, as I observed him closely, I realised he came across traits and actions which paved way for some interesting shots. This setting shows something about these two men's lives - whether they were in there to buy toys for their grandchildren or themselves, it can be seen that these elderly citizens are still young at heart as they are rediscovering their youth.

Created By
Corina Raymond


Photographed by Corina Raymond

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