Drill powered Go-Kart project by Christopher Tobin

Problem Statement: The end goal of this project is to fully engineer a drill powered go-kart to compete in several different courses; drag strip, road course, and super mileage, and my group will be graded upon our go-karts performance based on all courses. We have from the the beginning of the third marking period up to June to complete this project. For each group member, it is crucial that we provide equal amounts of work, document individual progress throughout, give proper advice in certain areas, and go beyond what is required to help make our final project standout. We are provided with a finite amount materials, these materials are an 18V power drill, one sheet of 3/4" plywood, hardware in the shop, and wood glue. Additional to these provided materials we can bring in wheels from any pre-made device, bike chains, and gears. We also have a $25 budget. To order any materials we have to email our teacher with the name & number, quantity & cost, aisle & bay location, and class date needed for our item(s). Along with the materials we have certain tools that we have to use including CAD, laser printer, 3D printer, and any workshop tools in the shop.


This is a top view of a power system that we are going to heavily base ours off of, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRfp6IZM0XM
This is the other part of the power system that you can't see from the top view, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRfp6IZM0XM


This is how we want to have our base, a rectangle made from 2x4s with two 2x4s crossing through the middle. This provides for better support over a plain piece of plywood.
This is rough sketch depicting our overall layout of the parts. The thing that will most likely change over time is the base as it we are always talking about different ways to improve it.
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