Year 3 MYP Community Project Saving endangered animals By: Infiniti Twine

American Chinchilla Rabbits
For my community project I chose to find ways that people can help save endangered animals by caring for them.

My global context is Fairness and Development. I chose this context because I wanted to inform people about endangered animals. The point of my project was to show people what they can do to save some of these creatures. Fairness and Development is listed as the relationship between communities and sharing finite resources with people or other living things. I think this fits my project.

American Buff Geese
My goal is to love and care for endangered animals. I ended up choosing this topic because I really like to help animals. I love to do anything to help endangered species and I figured that I could help even more of the species by letting more people know how they can help too. I wanted to research this because I wanted to somehow contribute to helping save some of these creatures. During the research process I learned that there are 1/3 farm animals that are endangered. Many people are not aware that these farm animals are considered endangered.

I chose to volunteer at a place that would help endangered animals. I choose FuzzyFaces Farm Refuge. I chose this place because of it's location. The farm is located in Clayton, NC which is 15 minutes from where I lived. The farm was in need of volunteers to help with everyday living so they could continue to breed these animals. Volunteering on this farm would help me accomplish my goal of saving and caring for endangered animals.

Morgan Horses
In the investigation stage I learned a lot about endangered animals. I learned several different ways that I am able to help save some of these creatures. Choosing my resources was pretty simple. My mom knew some places that she could get in contact with for volunteer opportunities and I also knew some helpful websites that were trustworthy with information about endangered animals. Many people are not aware there are farm animals that are considered endangered. During my research I read that, Already, 740 breeds are recorded as extinct, and 32 percent, are classified at high risk of loss and under threat of extinction (Food and agriculture organization). Before my investigation I was one of those people. People also don't realize the simple things they can change in their normal routines to help save some of these animals. Changes such as protecting the special places they live by volunteering. Securing garbage in secured shelters or trash cans with locks and reducing the use of water at home. Lastly a change as simple as learning how interesting and important they are.

During my research I sat down at the computer with my mom and looked up places that care for endangered animals. My mom found an organization that breed for endangered animals. We also looked up ways you can help out in the environment. Choosing not to litter or flush things other than toilet tissue down the toilet are a few ways. We found some resources that would help me understand more about the importance of saving endangered animals.

Saxony Ducks
When I went to go volunteer at the farm the first thing I did was help clean out the rabbit cages and filled them with hay so the rabbits could be comfortable. I also re filled their water so they would have some fresh water to drink. After that I helped pick up horse scat so their environment would be cleaner and I fed the horses. I had a really great time playing with the animals after all of the hard work was over!

San Clemente Goats

This personal project taught me time management skills that helped me get my research, service, and project completed. I learned how to correctly create a well-researched project and presentation. I also learned how to contact places and the right type of questions to ask during researching. Completing this project I feel I have grown as a student. I am more knowledgeable and feel more accomplished with the project completed. I think I have met the criteria for the project because I came up with a creative way to share my experience of performing a service to help save endangered animals. Throughout the project I learned a lot of new skills. I now know how to properly conduct a research project. I learned how to navigate a fun new presentation application which is called Adobe Spark. I also learned how to overcome obstacles such as decision making on what to do for the project and being able to fully comprehend the given instructions..
Barred Holland Chickens
I am most proud that I have completed a well researched project. I can use this knowledge that I have learned about endangered animals out in the real world and tell my family and friends about what I have learned. I think I have met the criteria for the project because I came up with several ways that normal ordinary people can accomplish to help save endangered animals.

I was most challenged by coming up with what I wanted to do for my community service portion of the project. I knew I wanted to do something that involved animals but I did'nt know if it would meet any of the Global Context . I don't think I would change anything. I feel like I have meet all of the standards of this project. By presenting this information to you today you all have gained knowledge of new endangered animals which are farm animals and learned how to save endangered animals. I hope you can use some of this information in the future.


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