United we CAN! FALA CAN Build School-wide Can Sculpture food Drive & Competition

Student Lucas Vance class of 2012 creating the sculpture at City Hall

In 2011 Flagstaff held a CAN Build Canned good sculpture competition for high school teams held in City Hall.

FALA won with recreating the cover of The Giving Tree.

Fast Forward 8 years, it's 2020, we are in Global Pandemic with Covid-19. Our community needs to feed families with the Flagstaff Family Food Center. And FALA is in need of a collaborative project that involves CREATIVITY and serves the COMMON GOOD.

VISION: Let's create a COLLABORATIVE Sculpture made of canned goods/non-perishables that benefits the Flagstaff Family Food Center.

How wonderful would it be if we used our parking lot as a site to build these Can Sculptures. We collect for a month, find a warm day in early December to build. Invite the community to drive, bike, walk around our sculptures and vote for the Best in Show.

There are lots of images on the web, Pinterest to get inspiration
Amazing images online to find ideas

What about a Collaborative RAINBOW?

We would love a ton of canned goods (meat/tuna, veggies, fruit) and non-perishables like: cereal, pasta, nut butters, granola bars/healthy kid snacks, rice, etc..

The Canned/Non-Perishable Food drive kicks off November 9th - December 14th. Please drop of at FALA Monday - Friday 9:00-4pm every day. There will be a box in the parking lot you can place your donations. FALA will also coordinate a pick up of donations in neighborhoods on Saturday, December 12th. We will award the grade that brings in the most donations with fun prizes! We will take volunteers with safety measures in place on a warmish day to construct our RAINBOW. And invite the community to do a drive, walk, bike by in our Parking Lot.

Optional and Aspirational CAN BUILD SCULPTURE CONTEST

Classes or small groups of students/families can create their own CAN Sculpture. Start collecting, planning & designing. This would be an amazing service-learning project in your class. Students can obtain many service hours. Think of all the skills students could apply to this sculpture: math, creative problem solving, collaboration, designing, planning, adaptability, work ethic, & engineering. We will find a warm week day/end in early December to build in the FALA parking lot. Have the community walk, bike & drive by to see the sculptures and VOTE. Categories: Most Unique, Most Nutritious, and a Community Choice/Best in Show Award. Prizes: Gift Cards to local eateries in Flagstaff, for Best in Show, Dinner catered by FALA faculty/staff with entertainment.

Small Group Contest

Please contact Janeece Henes, jhenes@flagarts.com for more info/questions