The Kava Plant By Kri Galvan-Dubois

What is the Kava plant?

The Kava Kava or its scientific name, Pipe methysticum is a plant located in the Pacific Islands where it grows throughout.

What is type of environment does the Kava plant live in?

Pacific islands where the Kava plant lives the environment is usually varies because of where it is located. It depends on the marine time of what the climate is going to be, but it is usually damp and moist there with the preferred temperature of 68-80 degrees.

What adaptions has the Kava plant made to survive its environment?

One of the adaptions the Kava plant made was to have waxy leaves and drip tips to allow wage to run off it and also to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria.

What medical uses does the Kava plant have?

The Kava root contains a compound called kava lactones which have been scientifically proven to help calm anxiety, relieve pain, relax muscles, and prevent convulsions.

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