Caption Writing Project Francisco correa

Having fun in class: Ina, Jacob, and Kayla are having fun in class making a tower made out of spaghetti. This class period instead of doing regular school work the teacher decided to give them the task of trying to make the tallest tower made out of marshmallows and spaghetti. "it was a bit difficult trying to keep the tower to stay up" said Jacob, "but it is definitely a lot better then doing school work".
Keep the tower standing: Ina is trying to add another piece of spaghetti to the tower for extra support. The tower was having trouble standing so Ina decided that the tower needed more support. "I knew the tower was not going to stand if it did not have the right support:" Ina said, "so i decided to add more support to the side of the tower".
Keeping the tower from falling: Kayla and Ina are adding extra spaghetti to the bottom of the tower in order to keep it steady. A good tower should always have a sturdy base and that is what these girls are trying to do. "A good base is what keeps a tower standing" said Kayla "so me and Ina made a sturdy base".
The tower still stands: Jacob, Ina, and Kayla are proud to see that their tower still stands. After trying to keep their tower standing they are proud to see that their tower is till standing. "it was fun building the tower" said Jacob, "and it was definitely a difficult task to complete".

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