Pokemon World Eren Sait

One day Pikachu was walking in the garden. Then he saw Squirtle snoring in his bed. He went next to him and waked him up. They had breakfast and they went run in the forest. They saw a creature that they couldn't name. It looked like dog but it didn't look like a normal one. It was a funny dog and it was standing in the air with the rainbow getting out from his back.

The difference of this dog was it exactly looked like a cat. "Look isn't that Patrick Star on his back!" Squirtle whispered to Pikachu. Now it was strange this was a Nyan Cat with Patrick Star on his back. Pikachu was confused: "We came here to run and to do sports!" he said, not to get in a world?! The creature was running at them. Pikachu and Squirtle stated to run away from "Patnyan" (Patrick Star + Nyan Cat).

Then Patnyan started to talk: "I will get you two in a game!" Patnyan was mad and caught the Pokémon's. Then Doge came. He was trying to save Pokemon's. So he ran to Patnyan while it wasn't looking.

He saved Pokemon's and killed the Patnyan. They ran to Pokémon World and taught others what happened. Because of Doge's good performance they decided to make Doge an admin of the World.

Created By
Eren Sait


Created with images by klimkin - "pokemon pikachu game"

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