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  • Over a period of 21 years in the travel industry we have stayed at many place of accommodation all around the world. We have experienced the full spectrum from very basic to opulence. The one thing that has always been important about this is that if people know what they are up for, they are generally happy and satisfied. With KANABO #enroutestays, we strive to promote establishments that we have personal knowledge of and can therefore refer clients to with peace of mind. This is not a absolute guarantee but is a good start.
KS1 - Cape Town to Windhoek

Driven with the wind in your sails, you can get to Namibia from Cape Town in just over eight hours, if you’re prepared to forego lunch or any of the attractions vying for your attention along the way. But you could treat the ±690 km route as a road trip and do it in a more leisurely fashion, savouring the chance to explore the nether regions of South Africa’s north western hinterland. Most people take the N7 north but off this are numerous highways and byways that if you are prepared to explore, using the N7 as the skeleton of your route, give you plenty to see and do before you come to the border with Namibia. Towns like Clanwillian, VanRhynsdorp, Garries and Springbok roll by trough an ever changing pallet of nature's scenery . From the border you drive trough some of the most barren desert landscapes, passing by towns like Grunau, Keetmanshoop and Mariental. From here on in its gets greener with more vegetation till you eventually reach Windhoek ±810 km. Kanabo Stays have identified the following, personalized places of accommodation, along this KS1-route that we recommend to our clients. Click on link to read more about Kanabo Stays, and our commitment.

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