Peaceful protests through Sit-ins A Peaceful protest

SIT-IN(noun): a form of protest in which demonstrators occupy a place, refusing to leave until their demands are met.

A Sit-in is a type of peaceful protest where somebody who's looking to protest something can go and sit or stand in a place that they choose and they will not get up or move until their demands are met. For example the lunch counter sit-ins in the 50's and 60's protesting segregation. Sit-ins have happened all over the world and are still happening everywhere.

4 NAACP Leaders doing a sit-in in Jeff Sessions office

On Tuesday January 3, 2017, 6 NAACP leaders did a sit-in in US Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions office. They said they would not leave until Sessions was not a nominee or they were arrested, which they were. "In the midst of rampant voter suppression, this nominee has failed to acknowledge the reality of voter suppression while pretending to believe in the myth of voter fraud," said NAACP President Cornell W. Brooks. He was appointed for a federal district court in 1986 by former president Ronald Reagan but was turned down because a former justice department employee testified that sessions had made racist remarks says, In my opinion I think that this protest was successful. No, they did not get their demands met but they helped spread the word about what they believe in and helped the movement greatly.

Newspaper article that featured the four students

The Woolworth lunch counter was one of the things that sparked the civil rights movement. On February 1, 1960 four students, Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, Billy Smith and Clarence Henderson sat down at Woolworth's white only lunch counter and refused to move until they were served or arrested. The next day they came back with 15 other students then 300, then later 1,000. They were all arrested by the police. When they were in jail they would not move from their cells until there was no bail fine. These kind of sit-ins spread across the country. I think that they succeeded.

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