Strawberry the ROBOT By: SHAROL


Great start on the first lesson - with a lot of mess!

A lot of progress was made on the 10th of May. The photo above shows the first lesson of Gagandeep and me starting to build our robot. By this time, we had finished counting all the pieces and making sure we had enough of everything. We recorded the data on Google Drive. During the process of making Bobby, we realised that our seating arrangement when we were sitting next to each other was not working so we shifted and decided on the seating layout shown in the photo. We believe that by facing each other while working enables you to chat with the other person and help them easily when necessary.

Wow! Look at the progress we made in just one double! Just three more steps to go.

The double on the 15th of May, felt very effective and in fact it was. We made a lot of progress; once we got into class, we got out our project and started working. I followed all the instructions step by step while Gagandeep helped by passing me the bits 'n' bobs I needed for each step. Together we were able to build what is now seen in the top photo, Bobby! Of course, he is not finished yet, but he soon will be...

We're making progress...

Moving on to completing our master piece!

17th of May, we were now on the final few steps when a problem struck! The yellow rivets(Y) seen in the photo was meant to connect with the plate on top of the wheels but it wouldn't reach. At first, we though that the battery boxes were in the wrong place, so we took them all apart but it still wouldn't go together. We asked for assistance from our classmates and was told that we screwed on the 8 x 10 plate in the wrong place...

Aerial view of Bobby.

Here is our Group Video where we finish off Bobby!

These are the final few steps...

On the 18th of May, Thursday, was the final day of Gagandeep and me building our robot. We are certainly very proud of the effort we put into making this adorable creation. The next lesson, we need to start the technical work on the computer. This is the part where we program him to make him do amazing acts.

Monday n the 22nd of May, was another double lesson. We didn't get through much but were able to program our robot. We also changed its name to Strawberry which seemed to match its pink ribbon perfectly. Our robot can now move forward, backward, left and right. Our little Strawberry is learning and growing up so quickly!

Here is a link to the video where we see Strawberry move around for the first time,

From the 25th of May to the 29th, we discovered that Strawberry was a "Traceable Robot". This meant that it could draw circles, ovals, lines (that were not so straight), and other various shapes. All we had to do was connect a pen to the front part (with blue-tack) of the robot and each time the robot moved, it traced its path. I figured out that Strawberry was not drawing perfect shapes as the wheels were skidding.

On the 29th of May, we reprogrammed the pivot and standby times of Strawberry. After these changes, I observed a slight change in how Strawberry acts; the skidding had reduced, and the lines drawn on the page were more accurate.

On the 1st of June, we observed that Strawberry's motors were not as good as it used to. On the 5th of June, we decided to isolate the pieces of the robot. We then substituted our motors with a different group to examine whether the motors were faulty or not. We were surprised to discover that the motors were not faulty. Our next estimation was that some of the battery could be dead...

Operating on Strawberry...

On the 7th of June, we were given our task sheets to determine our position, based on the work in class, on the criteria. Following the instructions on the criteria, I was able to improve my journal and receive a positive feedback from my teacher.

Monday on the 12th of June, Gagandeep figured out the problem! We found the fault was in fact, with the programming. This was resolved by re-downloading the E-mail manual. We discovered that the problem occurred because we changed the stand-by time. This confused Strawberry and made the CM-530 stop operating immediately. Our estimation of intermittent fault was incorrect. It was the technical fault that made Strawberry not function well. This also made us eliminate the CM-530 in the previous lesson and replace with a new one.

Strawberry can now function properly.

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