Lost in the Right Direction the journey of aspiring immigrants

Countries are the new companies
Over 320,000 new international students come to Canada every year.
an estimated 51% of these go on to apply for permanent residency
This is the story of 4 such individuals
Nimisha Khanna; Been in Canada for 5 months; Fashion Student

"you know the word comfort zone, i was in the most comfortable spot of that zone..."

Emma; been in Canada for 1 year; therapist to domestic abuse victims

"every friday going to the freakin computer and check...if they select spain...."

Khushnaaz; been in Canada 1 year 3 months; retail merchandising student

"...okay i have to make something out of myself to feel valued here."

Gaurav, been in Canada for 2 years; Engineering Student

"...everything is basically taken care of once you are back home for a while."

Join them on their journey on 19th April; 7.00 pm at The Spoke Club, Toronto.
Created By
pranay nichani


Created with images by markusspiske - "globe africa europe" • ISAP CCA - "International Student Exhibit Fall 2013" • ErikaWittlieb - "canadian flag canada flag" • MichaelGaida - "airport terminal fly" • mermyhh - "cinema canvas steamed"

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