The Good Life Tour of the Harn By: Jenna Toler

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: I felt like I had to include this beautiful piece of photography in my spark story. The first piece I saw when I walked into the first exhibit was the piece below of a Egungun masquerade. I decided to use this photo to discuss medium of the art/technique of the artist, because when I laid eyes on this photo, I immediately felt as if I was a part of the picture. I believe this was due to the photographers ability to use the crowd as a leading line. This allowed for the person in the middle to be the focal point. I saw this piece from across the room and I immediately felt sucked into the moment.

Eliot Elisofon: Egungun masquerade, Ede, Nigeria

Design of the Museum: The African Collection was the first exhibit I walked through. I was immediately drawn towards the open space with the light blue and red/orange colors of the walls. Everything was spaced out nicely and the wall accents used allowed for a touch of color while not drawing the attention away from the beautiful pieces. Walking into the African Collection, the room and the way the light hit the glass cases, excited me as I looked at the beautifully hand crafted pieces. The ceilings are high and the rest of the area is white. This allowed me to feel that the room was very open and allowed for energy to flow through and and around the pieces.

Art and Core Values: I decided to choose the Asian Art Wing Garden to identify Art and Core values. As I walked into the Asian Art Wing, my attention immediately snapped to the beautiful garden outside the window. Outside, I observed the beautiful Oak-leaf Hydrangea and the rock water fall. This art appealed to me, because I felt peace. The still pond water flowing from a relaxing water fall was soothing to my ears. The beautiful flowers and trees were intricately placed to create a beautiful scene. The bridge architecture was fantastic. I stood out in the garden for fifteen minutes in the chilly weather. I listened to the waterfall and spun around taking in every corner of the place that made my mind, body and soul feel at peace with everything.

Asian Art Wing: Garden; David A. Cofrin

Art and the Good Life: I chose this piece to discuss Art and how it relates to the Good Life, because I immediately thought back to the Embodying module. This was due to our discussion of Dorian Gray and youth. I feel like this picture represents youth as an element that is greatly appreciated. The smooth skin and youthfulness to the face, illustrates our appreciation, as a society, for the time we have to have a young complexion. Although I used to not understand why society puts so much weight in youth, this piece of work allowed me to reflect on a different outlook of why youth is treasured. If one looks past the shallow issues society has instilled surrounding the concept of beauty, we can separate this piece of work from that issue. This piece captures beauty, freshness and energy. This piece made me realize that not everyone who obsesses about youthfulness yearns to "look" a certain way. Instead, they yearn for what youth brings; such as freshness and energy.

Head of a Young Girl: Guy Pene du Bois

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