Romeo and Juliet Act 3 scenes 4-5

By Matthew Sozzi and Danielle Grant

Capulet: Things just didn't go as planned. We had no time to move our daughter. She loved her cousin Tybalt dearly. And so did I. We all die eventually. It's late, she won't be coming down tonight but I promise I would've been too if u hadn't of shown up.

Paris: This bad times mean we have no time to grieve. Goodnight and give my greetings to your daughter.

Lady capulet: I will tomorrow morning. Tonight she is very sad.

Capulet: Paris, I will see if I can get my daughter to love you but I doubt I can. Wife, go to bed and tell her of Paris' love for her and tell her next Wednesday....wait what day is it?

Paris: Monday, sir.

Capulet: well, you may leave now. Wife, go to Juliet and then to bed.prepare her for the wedding. Goodnight Paris. Let's go to bed honey. It's late and we have To get up early. Night.

Juliet: Will you be gone? It's not during the day. It was at night that I heard and believe me, it was night.

It wasn't night, it was the beginning of the morning, just at the start of dawn. I must leave now, so I can live.

Dawn isn't daylight I think. You should stay longer.

Alright I'll stay. I have no problem dying for you. Let's talk some more. It's daytime but that's okay.

It is daytime and it's beginning to get lighter by the minute. Go ahead and leave.

With more daylight, comes more fear for us.



Your mom wants you. It's daytime now.

I'll close the window and close my boy out too.

Kiss me and I'll go.

Are you gone husband? I want to talk to you every hour of every day.

Goodbye! I will always stop by.

Do you think I'll see you again?

Of course, even through bad times.. is

That makes me happy, even in death.

Same. Goodbye now!

Good fortune to you.

Daughter, are you up?

Mom, why are u up so early?

How are you Juliet

Still sad

Still sad because of your cousin? I get that. We loved him.

Yes, let me cry because of it.

So you cry, but not because it's him who is dead.

I cannot choose to cry.

Cry not because he is dead, but for the person who killed him.



I forgive him even though he did this but I am conflicted.

because he is still alive.

I will avenge him myself.

We will get revenge.

I will not rest until he is dead.

I will find someone to do the job.

Good. And next Thursday you will be married!

Why do u want me to marry so soon. Can't I wait

Tell your father. Here he comes.

Without death and sadness there can be no happiness to counter it. Have you told Juliet about our plans?

Yes but she doesn't want it.

Why does she not want this. This is our gift to her.

Who knows.


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