The Middle Colonies By hayden m.

The breadbasket colonies, eat more bread! If you want to farm here is the place!

Reason for founding.

The middle colonies were founded because of their good soil for farming unlike the New England colonies. Which is why they are called the breadbasket colonies.They were also founded for a safe place for Quakers.

The geography in the middle colonies included good farming, iron, timber, furs, and coal. Iron ore, was a particularly important natural resource.

Climite and land

The climate in the Middle Colonies is good they have hot summers, cold winters longer growing seasons, and good soil.

The middle colonies farmed for their family's, and had more than enough grain for their family's, so they sold it to other middle colonies states like New York and Philadelphia.And they also sold it to other colonies like the Southern Colonies. They also made money from shipbuilding,trapping and miners.

Unlike Puritan New England, the Middle Colonies presented a variety of religions.These religions are Quakers, Mennonites,Lutherans,Dutch Calvinists,and also Presbyterians made the dominance of of one faith next to impossible.

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