Lets get ready to get better Damaris Herrera

Okay so here is what I want you to do first watch this video to see what I want you to do.

Now, I want you to do your workout like this:

Start doing 20 squats take a 10-15 second break

Do 5 lunges and lift your leg on your left and then do 5 on your right and the take a 10-15 second break.

Do 5 side lunges and knee up on each but alternate take a 10-15 second break

Lastly, do a high plank and do 5 leg lift on leg, and then switch and do the other leg.

Drop down to a regular plank and do the same things.

Repeat squats, lunges, side lunges, high plank leg life, plank leg lift 2 more times. so 3 times in total.

Now, switching to abs

Now if you can do 20 crunches Start by doing 20 crunches, and then switch immediately and then do 5 side crunches on both sides. Then immediately switch and do 5 legs lifts per leg alternating your legs.

Take a 20 second break and repeat 2 more times.

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