ASB News Letter june

What's up this month?

LOL 6/5

Last Day of School:

7th grade 6/12

8th Grade Promotion 4/13

6/6 7th Grade Speeches

6/7 8th Promotion Party

Santana's enjoying Jenga at the last LOL of the school year.

The Science Fair was a great chance for our eighth graders to show their creativity with their projects! Also congratulations to our first place winners, (on the left) Claire Abshire, Kendall Armstrong, and Lacy Clinton with “Coral Craze”.

National Junior Honors Society and AVID took a field trip UC Irvine to learn about the campus and college life.

The NJHS and AVID students learned about many different majors and classes that are available at UCI.

The Santanas held up the ant-eater symbol of UCI while on their field trip.

At the end of the year Sports Assembly, some of Santiago’s athletes were honored for their participation in Santiago’s sports.

Volleyball Athletes recognized at our sports assembly.

Our Spring Games athletes were honored at May 23.

Soccer Athletes are recognized at our sports assembly.

Basketball Athletes were recognized at our sports assembly.

The cheer team's MVPs were recognized at our sports assembly.

Our 7th Grade football MVP recognized at our sports assembly.

We thanked our ASB instructor, Mrs. Barbas, for all the time and effort she put in this year.



May Recap:

Last month Santiago had our Decathlon, Teacher Appreciation Week, Spring Games and an LOL

ASB Member of the Month is.....

Ruby Hewitt

Ruby is always here to help. She always has a smile on her face. She knows how to make people laugh and smile. She is very fun and funny. Remember, ASB is Here to Help!

Whats Trending?

Voting for 7th grade cabinet positions

Summer vacation

8th grade promotion

For the final staff member of the week for the year, we honored every one of our staff members for all of the hard work they have put in this year.

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