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Coach K LA Tour

1、20 ~ 1、22 2017

Detailed Schedule

What is your Passion Quotient (PQ)?

What is your passion? Watch a short film to find out how to start your own passion quest.

Human Being vs Human Doing?

Passion deserves its own axis in life.

Simply draw two lines: your talents & skills on one vs. your passion on the other. Several studies show that most people, work force or individuals, settle on the top left corner. This corner means a life with high skills/talents but little passion. Only 5% of population ever reaches to the top right corner: high passion with high skills/talents.

To join this top 5%, one has to follow his or her passion. With this in mind, what is your passion?

At Enlighting, we thrive in helping you to find your passion.

We believe that you are unique because of your passion.


Our assessment, method and process are based on proven motivation science from Reiss Motivation Profile. Backed by 15 years of research in human motivation and passion, our analytical tool, PQ (Passion Quotient), is based on robust science. Your PQ is measured and validated against the largest database in the world. You can lean on our industry-leading data intelligence and dashboard report to view you or your team from any angle in an instant.

Finding your passions is a serious business!!

Come to workshop to learn about 16 PQs!

Build A Passionate Tribe

How to Build A Passionate Tribe

Be a Passionate Leader

Keep a simple yet effective strategy: be a passion leader. Yellow + Red=Orange Out of all your fantastic endeavors (yellow), add a healthy dose of passion (red) to turn you into a passion leader (orange). Look at your work & life through lens of passion. Before you know it, you are turning people around you into passion leaders like you. Why? Hundreds of orange leaders we’ve worked with have consistently proven that passion is the most powerful language that speaks directly to the hearts & minds.

Showcase Clients

Building A Lasting Relationship

Every relationship is unique. Building a long and lasting "WE" in your marriage starts with knowing two unique "MEs".

Coach K

Case Studies

how to apply PQs to relationship building

Learn about how to practice applying PQs in real life cases!

Your Coach / Speaker

Dr. Kung-Li Deng

A.K.A Coach K

Dr. Deng is an inventor (over 20 US & world patents), entrepreneur (high tech & value-based learning start-ups), teacher, and scholar (over 100 publications). Foremost, Dr. Deng is a visionary leader with a heart in mentoring and coaching. His passion is to bring up leaders by bridging gaps between cultures and generations.

Known to young people as coach K, Dr. Deng has spent significant amount of time working with high school & college students to find their passions.

He has a wide range of experience including corporate (GE, two high-tech start-ups), academics (Princeton University), research (Bell Laboratory), and teaching (Nanotech Center, SUNY Albany). Dr. Deng is a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation). He is also a master trainer for Reiss motivation profile, specializing in individual & team passion assessment and training.

He is currently the founder & executive director of Enlighting, a global institute to train passion leaders. Dr. Deng has been working extensively with local and global business leaders on passion-based coaching and training initiatives and programs. His current coaching portfolio includes clients in finance, education and high-tech companies. He also founded 5 Rock Academy (, a non-profit organization focusing on cultivating up-and-coming young leaders.

PQ Workship

with Coach K


What is your Passion Quotient (PQ)? Research shows that people live to assert their unique set of passion that defines who they are from within. This inner motivation can be measured in sixteen dimensions that result in billions of possible combinations, each of which distinctly represents an individualized passion profile. It is a serious business to unveil and understand your personal passion set. We exist to empower you to find and work with your passion with our top-notched expertise & services.

PDP Alumni Day

After listening to the testimonies from returning Princeton alumni and students on their passion quest for Christ, we prayed and commissioned them out into the marketplace.


Backed by 15 years of research in human motivation and passion, our analytical tool, PQ (Passion Quotient), is based on robust science. You can lean on our industry-leading data intelligence and dashboard report to view you or your team from any angle in an instant.


Let your unique set of passions put you on the map and carry you over the hump. With a selection of tools at your disposal, you are in the driver seat to pinpoint where you want to go, who you want to go with and what you want to accomplish.


Let passion guide you in your decision-making process. It can habitually produce positive results. Our team will coach you every step of the way until you become a passion leader


We are proud to be your passion coach. This is what we love to do and do it well by fostering an unique organic partnership with our clients.


It is a community that we form through a common pursuit we are all in for: find our passion.

LA tour 1/20-22
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