Positive Childhood Experiences An invaluable gift

The effects of Positive Childhood Experiences have been studied and reveal some important findings. Even though every child will, at some point, experience unexpected adversity, if you try hard to fill the child's life with positive experiences, you could possibly help them build resilience in life.

Experiences form the foundations of a child's personality. Have you every heard "...you act just like [fill in a name here]..."? Popular opinion is that common personality traits are inherited. However, in fact, personality is not inherited. You develop certain traits as a result of the experiences you pass through in life.

Certain factors should be thought of as positive childhood experiences.
Strong connection to family

Factors, if present in a child's life, should be thought of as Positive Childhood Experiences. They include:

  • Strong connection with family
  • Strong connection with positive peers
  • Strong connection with non-parental adult
  • Opportunities to develop self-esteem
  • Feeling like a valued member of the community

Positive childhood experiences are at the core of Ayers Foundation for Hope. Our objective is to help parents who see the enormous power and influence positive recreational activities can have on the lives of their children.

We Must Prepare Our Children

We know that community change will become our children's responsibility. Therefore, we must prepare them and create a balance by providing positive experiences to counter the current adverse conditions they are likely to experience.

However, economic hardships often prevent inner-city families from affording the types of recreational activities their children may find beneficial for personal and social development.

The Ayers Foundation For Hope seeks to provide grants, paid to the qualified recreational activities vendors, for families. This allows their child to participate in recreational activities that will give them exposure to positive peers, positive adults, and help them build self-esteem and social skills.

Donate and Give a Child a Running Start!

We realize that most people want to be part of the solution to the problems of society but often aren't able to find a cause they can champion. The Ayers Foundation For Hope asks that you consider our Vision and Mission and partner with us. Your financial support will help us to go further with our current focus of sending inner-city children of Baltimore to Summer Camp this year. The camp is sponsored by the Department of Recreation & Parks at a cost of $150/child. A donation of any amount will help us send more children to camp and give HOPE to a Baltimore City child.

Ayers Foundation For Hope

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