Graceling A Non- Violent community of peace

Just be nice. N-I-C-E. Not too hard.

Also, calm down.

Our purpose is to get everyone to calm down and enjoy life, while still having fun and being kind. We hope that all who come enjoy the way of life that we have provided.

Help those around you. It's the right thing to do.

Our motto is ALKI, which means 'bye and bye', or hope for the future.

Our seal is of two people holding hands on top of mountain, showing that neither of them could have gotten to the top without the other.

Our membership policy is simple and clear. If any one of these rules is broken, a warning will be given. Once too many rules have been broken by a group or individual, they will be punished in some way or another.

The rules are as follows:

1. Respect the nature around you. Carving into trees without written consent is strictly forbidden. Any littering (other than the wind blowing stuff away), cutting, or in any other way harming nature is never allowed.

If you can carve something this cool, please request permission to do so.

2. Report any kind of abuse, even if you think it may be small.

3. Any mocking of anyone in any way, whether it be religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or any other reason will never, ever be tolerated.

4. Making your opinion heard and putting someone else's opinion down are two very different things. Opinions are great and are what keep us thinking and expanding, but it is never okay to say that someone else's is stupid. If you want to inform someone of your opinion, tell them in a kind manner. You do not have to agree with someone to still be friends.

5.Have good manners. There is a time and place to put your feet up, pull out the Doritos, and eat them loudly while you clip your fingernails. That time and place is for when you are alone in your room. It's just gross. Don't do it around other people.

6. Be yourself. There has never been a time where someone has liked you better when you weren't being yourself. Doing that kind of thing shows that you're insecure and that you are missing out on real life. NOTE: there is a difference between trying to be extra nice and being fake.

7. Enjoy the outdoors. If you find a geode, rock, stick, or shell in a public space, you may keep it, but think about why you're taking it and if that's really important.

8. We are all equal and should be treated as such. Never be unkind. It's not cool.

9. Money is never to be used. It causes too many problems and is an unfair reward. Instead, all basic needs will be given, in return for work hours. Any other wants can be bartered, traded, or bought using credits, which all jobs get different amounts of.

10. Go to bed when you are tired, and wake up when you're rested. You will never progress if you cannot focus.

Most of our people live in tree houses and yurts. Some are larger than others.

Our location is the pacific northwest. We stretch from the San Juan islands to Crater lake. Gracling's founders found it necessary to make it separate from the rest of the world and its pollution. So, we dug a canal around Graceling. It begins in the Puget Sound, and ends in the Pacific Ocean.

A little lighthouse on the San Juan Islands.

A day in the life of a citizen of Graceling is mostly chosen by what they feel they should do. And average day would look something like this:

Anytime between 7:00 and 9:00: wake up, get dressed, shower, and relax for a bit.

9:00: Most work and schools begin.

About 11:30: 1st lunch is served to those that prefer lunch earlier.

About 1:00: 2nd lunch is served to those that enjoy lunch later.

3:45: school and work ends, and family and friends spent time together or alone.

4:45: Free time until dinner.

About 5:00: 1st dinner.

About 6:30: 2nd dinner.

Free time until Day End, a family gathering before bed.

Everyone goes to bed when they are tired, but are to respect those who chose to go to bed earlier than they do.

Most people live in a series of yurts, tree houses, tepees, or small homes

A work schedule in Graceling is very similar to the work schedule of anyone else. However, a school schedule for children and teenagers is quite different. Children go to school not to take notes, (which are seldom used) but to learn what they want t do with their life and gain an understanding of their world. They go to school from 9 to 3:45 from Tuesday-Thursday. Mondays and Fridays they go to school from 10 to 3:45, but have an hour- long activity before school. Saturdays and Sundays each have a few two-to-six hour long activities, which each child must take every or every other week. Some of these activities are crafts, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, singing, dancing, swimming, service projects, sewing, drawing, painting, sports, gymnastics, and more.

Families are highly encouraged to go hiking or backpacking together.

Our government is a democracy in which every area (each area is a dozen or so towns) has two representatives, one man and one woman that well represent that area. The representatives are elected every four years, but may quit whenever they feel they need to. The representatives meet twice a month in summer and winter, and four times a month in spring and fall. They meet on whatever the community sees problems with, and takes votes based on what their area believes in. Any rule or guideline is up for debate, except the rules concerning basic rights, such as rules 1, 3, 8 and 9, as listed above.

Mount Rainier has often had strange, circular clouds above it, somewhat resembling a halo.

Graceling will see you soon.


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