Harriet Jacobs By: Sarah Mathis

"There are no bonds so strong as those which are formed by suffering together" this quote is by Harriet Jacobs. Harriet Jacobs was an outstanding woman that lived in North Carolina and benefited the world greatly. She served in the Civil War as a nurse, was a slave, writer, and an abolitionist. She fought very hard to reach her life achievements and is a very inspirational woman.


  1. Born on February 11, 1813
  2. Her mother died in when she was six-1819
  3. Moved in with mother's mistress-1819
  4. Mother's mistress died-1825
  5. Had two children named Joseph and Louisa-1833
  6. Escaped from Norcom-1835
  7. Lived in an attic for seven years- 1835- 1842
  8. Escaped to New York- 1842
  9. Worked as a waiting-maid-1842
  10. Norcom died-1850
  11. Norcom's daughter granted her freedom-1852
  12. Started writing her life story- 1852- 1853
  13. Served in the Civil War as a nurse- 1861
  14. Published her book " Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl"- 1861
  15. Appointed as a surgeon in the Union Army by the Secretary of War, the first African American to have such a position- 1863
  16. Opened a boarding house-1870
  17. Died in Washington D.C.-1897
Harriet Jacobs and her mother Delilah Horniblow


  • Helped organize a feed and shelter refugee slaves and the poor free blacks of the region.
  • Planned to bring many more orphaned black children from Virginia to Boston
  • Organized the communities of African Americans and to the building of hospitals, churches, schools and homes for newly freed slaves.
  • Help establish the National Association of Color in Washington D.C.
  • Fought fought for black patient rights in hospitals.
  • Wrote the book¬†Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.
Where Harriet Jacobs's first assignment took place.

Personal Qualities

  • Determined- Harriet was a very determined woman for example she had to stay in a little attic for seven years to escape slavery.
  • Strong- Harriet is strong because she withstood all the years being sexually assaulted and she had to leave her children in Norcom's hands.
  • Couragous- She is courageous because she stood up for black slaves that helped end slavery especially in Egland.
  • Cautious- She is cautious because she didn't blow her cover while she was in the attic for hiding she only came out for little periods of time.
  • Adaptive- She is adaptive because she learned how to deal with being a slave.
  • Innovative- She is innovative because she thought of new ideas to fight back and how to run away from her master.
  • Persuasive- Harriet is persuasive because she influenced many people to release their slaves and help end slavery.
Harriet's book that helped end slavery " Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl."

The Attic

When Harriet was running away she decided to hide in her grandmother's house. Her grandmother then told her to get inside the attic. The attic was quite minuscule and there was no room to move. The attic was in a triangular shape just large enough to fit her body into. She had rats and spiders creeping over her daily and there were no lights except for one drill hole that she had made. She had a major struggle watching her children grow up through a tiny hole and hearing their voices. Harriet also had problems with boredom and she was only able to go ouside at night for short periods of time.

This is an example of the attic she lived in for the seven years.

Harriet Jacobs has had a majorly successful life. She has survived and helped end slavery. Many people have Harriet to owe for their freedom and civilization. She wasn't known for ending slavery and didn't receive as much credit as she deserved. On the contrary I believe she was an exceptional woman and everyone should aspire to be like her.


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