Presentation and Analysis of St. Petersburg Noise Ordinance STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT NEFF

This is article is part of a continuing series that discusses the noise issue, how I became involved, wasted tax dollars, encroaching business districts on the neighborhoods, data and trend analysis, City and Council's role, noise pollution and how this has impacted me.

Presentation has had minor edits since the presentation to City Council.

Signage in Lakewood Estates. The neighborhood board fought for this sign. It has never been enforced.

The Condo Corridor impacted by the noise.

The Getaway will located in the building (Bottom) where the note is "Reflects off Buildings." This will have outdoor bar and music and possibly live bands. This is located within 50 yards of residences. Zoning will not hold a hearing for the restaurant's plans. Residences have concerns, which will not be heard. The area is already impacted by the music from the Flamingo Resort. With the possibility of noise issues from the Getaway, and since the city does not enforce the noise residents,, what recourse will the residents have? Zero!
I was not impacted by the audible and low frequency noise until 2014 when Maximo Marina's covered docks were removed.

Noise calls are under reported.

(1) Dispatch has discretion to roll up or not to roll up calls rolls in a time period. Data show both. The call logs and Call For Service Reports will not show this. The audio calls must be reviewed. Unfortunately, these calls are not permanently archive. They are kept for a few months. (2) Officers may log a call against the offender using the offender's address or the complainant's address.

Based on the data assembled below for 2016, estimate 25 calls are under reported every year. If you did not create a cumulative table as shown below, the calls would be under reported by 175 calls in 7 years.

Noise Ordinance 2nd Public Hearing

Public input is being sought. You may express your concerns and thoughts by emailing the Mayor at, and your council member,

I will be commenting on the meetings, the ordinance's progress and findings. Should you have a story to share or a question, contact me directly via email.


Mr. Neff has run hi-end ecommerce operations for major national and international brands. He was Chief Web Operations Division at United States Mint and an executive in luxury retail eCommerce. He has several startups under his belt and has worked in Silicon Valley, Washington D.C., and Dallas. in the past, he was Director Online Sales for a consumer product company, directed eCommerce marketing operations and online analytical operations. Now retired, he is enjoying life as an award winning photographer, writer, and contemporary artist who has shown his work at one of Art Miami's International Art Shows, Spectrum Miami. He occasionally tests online products for companies in Silicon Valley. The value he brings is institutional knowledge from years of experience.

When the City of St. Petersburg noise issue became an issue for others and him, Mr. Neff dusted off his skills to conduct the investigation, data collection and data analysis.

Enjoy more stories and images of what I get to enjoy everyday!

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