Voter Stories

Some are first-time voters. Others are still trying to understand the process. Some are worried their vote may not be counted. Others had no problems voting early in person, or via mail. Listen to their stories.

Amanda Klein tells reporter Shannon Iriarte her story about voting early.

Jeanelle Arellano speaks about voting with reporter Sierra Sorrentino.

Evan Dawson shares his thoughts about voting with reporter Kenny Dong.

Grace Dever tells her story about voting to reporter Shannon Lyons.

Sean Golonka tells reporter Matteo Venieri why voting is important to him.

Bryanna Canales speaks about voting with reporter Shwetha Surendran.

Jack Harmening speaks about voting with reporter Lillian Ilsely-Greene.

Zoe Neubauer talks about voting with reporter John Terhune.

John Qin predicts who will win the presidential race in interview reporter Zhenhao Zhang.


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