Biography of George B. McClellan By: Mallory Higginbotham

General George B. McClellan was born on December 3, 1826 in Philadelphia PA.
He was born into a powerful family in Philadelphia to Mary Brinton McClellan and George McClellan. He attended private schools. When he got older he studied law at the University of Pennsylvanian and then after two years he went to West Point.
He was accepted into West Point at the age of 15. He graduated from west point in 1846. McClellan was employed as the second Lieutenant in the Army Corps of Engineers.
Although George was a smart man he made a lot of mistakes on the battle field. He made one to many mistake in the Battle of Antietam when they lost the battle. When Abe Lincoln had enough of the losses he removed George from the General-in-Chief in march,1862.
George McClellan was the General-in-Chief of the union. He built the most famous army of the war, the army of the Potomac.
George McClellan lead the union army in the wars bloodiest one day, The Battle Antietam. He also served as the Governor of New Jersey.
George helped the union in the war by pushing Lincoln to take action. With McClellan's over cautious tactics linclon removed him from command so they would win more battles than what McClellan was doing for the union.
Some admiring things about George McClellan is that he never worried about what other people thought about him. Even when people were saying: that he is cautious and even that Abe Lincoln removed him from power he still preceded to continue in the Democratic world of politics. That is the moist admiring thing to me about him because in your life people are going to talk about you and even knock you down but you can't let them stop you from doing what you want to do. on the article titled George McClellan is where i found most of my information.

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