To Kill A Mockingbird & Violence Hailey elford

How big is violence and how much is it related to past and current events? The three texts that will be in this paper are To Kill A Mockingbird, an article on the Ku Klux Klan from Britannica School, and an article about a personal experience of police brutality written by Contence Malcolm from the New York TImes. To Kill A Mockingbird, the Ku Klux Klan, and Police Brutality are are connected to each other through the theme of violence.

This image shows violence by representing the hand in a way that violent people might use their hand.

The relationship between TKM and the KKK is that in both of the texts there is a group of people going after another group of people of a specific person based on their race. “Ku Klux Klan, either of two distinct U.S. hate organizations that have employed terror in pursuit of their white supremacist agenda. Klan members sought the restoration of white supremacy through intimidation and violence aimed at the newly enfranchised black freedom”(KKK Article). The KKK was a distinct hate organization that used terror in favor of their white supremacist agenda. The Klan members used the restoration of white supremacy through intimidation and violence aimed at newly formed black freedom. The quote I used from TKM is “Mr.Finch, there’s just some kind of men you have to shoot before you can say hirdy to ‘em. Even then, they ain’t worth the bullet it takes to shoot ‘em. Ewell ‘as one of ‘em” (TKM Lee, pg 308+309). Heck has to explain to Atticus that Mr.Ewell is a person that people shouldn’t be wasting their time on him and so he says that he really wouldn’t be worth the bullet that could be used to kill him.

This image shows the KKK through the three K's on the people.

The relationship between TKM and this article on police brutality is how they both have a setting in which someone is being misjudged and gets a punishment that they never had deserved. My quote TKM is “Tom was a dead man the minute Mayella Ewell opened her mouth and screamed”(TKM Lee, pg 276). Just because the differences in race between Mayella and Tom, Tom barely had a chance to be proven innocent even though there was factors that could prove him innocent so as Mayella had screamed Tom’s chance of freedom had been lost, hinting the dead man part. My quote from the police brutality article is “My unarmed 18-year-old son, Ramarley Graham was unjustly killed when police officers burst into our home in the Bronx and shot him in front of his grandmother and 6-year-old brother” (Constence Malcolm, New York Times). This police has misjudged a teen of another race and instead of doing what was logical he decided to put himself in a violent situation that was lead on by the police officers misconceptions of other people.

This image shows police brutality through what I'm assuming is a riot scene and the police.

In conclusion, the main points of this paper is that violence can come from different situations and that violence can come be inflicted upon in many different ways. This theme is important to consider because it not only has been a big part of historical events and is currently a major part of today’s events.

This shows violence through the scenarios shown in each image.

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