Chichasaw By: Jacob Chischilly

The Chickasaw is a Native American Tribe, the first people to come to America. They crossed over a land bridge from Siberia (Asia) to North America. They crossed over the land bridge following animals.
The Chickasaw Tribe has a long history. But one of its biggest parts of history was in 1540 when Hernado de Soto, a Spanish explorer, traveled into Chickasaw's territory. It was the first time the Chickasaw tribe had ever seen the Europeans so they drove them farther west. Then Spain, France, and England all fought the Indians because of how protective they were to their land the fight lasted over 200 years!
The Chickasaw Tribe has a lot of traditions and beliefs. They traditionally hunted and farmed. They also lived in two types of homes. One was is made out of a rectangular framework of poles plastered with clay and a roof covered with thatch. The second home they lived in is made out of pole frames plastered with clay that were round. Then while the corn is ripening they do a tradition called the Green Corn Festival which is a dance. They also believed that every thing had a spirit but the thought Ababinili was the most important spirit.
The Chickasaw Tribe is still living today! But even today the government wants to get rid of the tribe. They don't try to get rid of them because of a few years ago the government failed to get rid of them, so now there educating them. In 2010 there was a count of 52,000 people in the Chichasaw decent.
The Chickasaw Tribe lived in what now is northern Mississippi, Alabama, and western Tennessee. The region was in the southeastern of the United States and it was huge! The region is so big that it goes from Virginia to the Gulf of Mexico.

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