Mutiny By William Elliot Whitmore

Animals In The Dark

2009 | Folk

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“Well the captain's been drinking below the deck ad this vessel's headed way off course. -- I want to wrap my hands around his crooked neck and throw him overboard."


  • Whitmore grew up on a 160-acre horse farm in Lee County, Iowa, not far outside of Keokuk, Iowa.
  • Growing up the family was musical, with his dad playing the guitar, his mother playing the accordion and piano, with both his paternal and maternal grandfathers playing the banjo.
  • Starting out, Whitmore was a roadie for an Iowa City punk band called Ten Grand.


Luke Tatum

Cool, pirate music! Having some fun with the lyrics, it's easy to see this as a proxy for the state. Politicians don't care about us. (Even if they did, it's an impossibility for them to represent the "general will" of the people!) So we're slaving away on a ship heading in a direction that we don't like. What is our solution? Mutiny, matey!

Sherry Voluntary

This is a fun little song. It is satisfying to think of what the world might be like if there were a major mutiny. I just always wonder if the power vaccum would be filled with even worse despots. The ones we have right now are at least held to trying to look respectable and keep their air of legitimacy. Those who come after may not care for such illusions. The good thing is though, if there were a mutiny, the country would probably break apart into smaller areas of governance and maybe people like us could possibly have a place to try to start anew. I think that time will eventually come, whether it's that the boogaloo pops off, or things just self destruct under their own weight, that time will come. I hope when it does there are enough real freedom lovers to try to carve out a place for those who believe in non-aggression, and self ownership.

Nicky P

I can't help but listen to these lyrics and think of Peter Schiff. The analogy of being drunk and the ship losing it's way might as well be a direct call to his position on the public debt crisis. In the case of this song is it a president or branch of the fed or simply the will of the collective (I realize this is a fiction.) It's Schiff's position that we've drunk deeply on the bottle of cheap credit and overextended ourselves. We need to crash but no one will allow it to happen on their watch so we blunder along our way making the inevitable even worse. Mutiny sounds great except whoever does it will invariably position the person who brings on that big recession as the cause and throw them to the wolves with no understanding of economics.

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Nicky P