Art Exam Audre Riemersma

Hi, im audrey riemersma. It is my first year in beginners art. i want to be a doctor when i am older. This class has been very fun. It has definintly taught me the elements of art.

As you can see the left drawing was my first. The picture on the righr was the end of the year. I focused on the contour line, positive, and negitive spaces and values. I improved most on shading and positivw and negitive spaces.

On the left is me before, the middle is after, and the last is a picture of a classmate.

On my self portrait i focused on mixing elements and principles. It looks like me a lot. The shading and contour lines look good.

This is my stipling drawing. It focuses on value

This is my still life drawing. For this piece we had to sit in a specific spot to be able to make this. As you can see my image has 2 bowling pins in it. I made sure the image had lines, texture, space, contour and many more elements in art.

For this piece i drew a moon. It has value and precision. It also has very good texture.

In this piece it is called the 2 point perspective. It has vanishing points, and horizontal lines. I also focused on the relationship of the line across the horizon.

This next picture is of conceptual art. i drew the word cool. It focuses on value, line and shadows

This was my whole porfolio. My challanges in this class was mostly my self portrait. The best one/ most fun was stipling!

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