AFTER THE BLUE HOUR - AImée harris -

When given the brief, I was worried as night time photography was way out of my comfort zone. So naturally I tried to put off the thought. Eventually I began my research into some different night time photographers as I was going into the unknown with this brief.


Louis Cole popped into my head when 'Night Time Photography' was mentioned. Louis is a Full-time Vlogger/Blogger who travels the world and documents it on his youtube channel. I had heard of louis through the youtube community grapevine about a year ago, but never really had a look on his channel or social medias before. His Instagram is where he posts most of his photographs, this is where i seen his night time photos

I wouldn't classify him as a "professional" photographer, as such, but his photographs are amazing for someone who just does this as a hobby.
His techniques are not refined or perfect but the concept of each image is there. I particularly like the casualness and relaxed feel about them.


I found Bob when on flickr and found some of his night photography. Bob is from Ontario, Canada. He shoots from the icy shore of Blenheim, Lake Erie to the colored glow over the horizon is from Cleveland, Ohio.

He uses multiple different techniques. His light and star trails are the photographs that stick out to me the most to me amongst his photographs. They are very unique, because of the uniqueness, they are pleasing to the human eye as it isn't something you would see in daily life.


Daniel Cheong was another photographer I found on flickr while researching. His stuff really stood out to me as some of his photos are taken from a completely different perspective and view point.

I picked out a few of the night city photographs as they really stood out as they were so unique.

His photographic knowledge seems to be pretty good as he has used some long exposures to capture the movement through the clouds and the cars on the road.


When planning my shoot i wanted to try and stay in my local town, Linlithgow. At this time of year, the main high street is degged in christmas lights so i thought by using some long exposures with some of the lights in my photos.

As I know the town I went out and just took lots of photos around the town, I took a tripod as doing long exposures this stop/prevents camera shake. I first set it up in the centre of the town, known as the cross. This is where the main christmas tree stands next to the fountain.

This is where all the towns main events and speeches happen, as they have done for years and years.

I also worked my way along toward the west on the town, Linlithgow Bridge to get some car trails at a cross roads.

When I was satisfied that i had taken enough images. I went home and put all the photos into Adobe Bridge to go though them all to basically pick the ones which are the sharpest and best quality.


I didn't want to edit the photographs too much so i kept the post processing down to a minimum.

I took all the good images into photoshop and edited them and the post I would do is change up the brightness, contrast and maybe use the dodge and burn tool here and there.

After editing them, I opened them in bridge to re name them all.


When deciding my photos I went to my peers to ask for their opinions on which ones looked the best in terms of photographic techniques. This helped me a lot as it showed me what to improve on as some of my peers enjoy and have had a lot more experiance in light time photography.


- AIMEE HARRIS - 545024


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