History of our World Florida Natural history museum

I find this design to be appealing by how they paid extreme attention to detail and how it is relatable to me. First, I love how they tried to make it realistic as possible; with the chief in the seat honor, the elders in their respected spot, and the rest sitting or standing. They also paid special attention to how they dress, with all the different types of fabric and beads that they wear. They did a great job making this exhibit appealing to the eye. This is relatable to everyone in Florida because these were the Native Americans who lived here in Florida. This was their life style and I found it nice to read and see a visual of how they lived hundreds of years ago. I was drawn to this exhibit because of the connection to Florida and the eye-catching visuals of the exhibit. I got a better understanding on their housing and how they live their daily life. I couldn’t get the real perspective form just reading about it online, you need to be submerge to get the true understanding. I got to see how they conducted meetings and how they fished. The most enjoyable experience at the museum is seeing all of the different attractions that happens in our natural world. Also, the butterfly museum was really enjoyable. Getting see all of the different patterns on their wings and see them flying around was fun.

The museum did provide some opportunity to appreciate the “biotic community” in a couple of ways. The first and most prominent was the butterfly exhibit. The butterfly museum emerges you into a forest like atmosphere. With vegetation everywhere, it feels like you are in a rain-forest and makes you feel at peace. Another aspect that provides the experience that Leopold wants us to have is the Northwest Florida exhibit. After reading about Northwest Florida, it made me admire the ecostyem and how the animals adapted to survive to their environment. I felt like I was back in elementary school on those cool and fun field trips. I always love coming to natural history exams, learning about our past and seeing how the world evolved throughout the world. I sensed pride in what humans have done throughout history and happy. I thought about where I fit in the life cycle of the world and what I can do to help spread information about the world. When I went to the museum, there was an elementary field trip. The children were overwhelmed with the fossils, bugs, and butterfly museum. When I was waiting in line for the butterfly museum, a toddler was so excited to get in the exhibit he started running to the door so he could get in faster. The museum made it easier for us to connect with nature by how the decorated the museum. They painted the walls and had decorations that helped me connect to the theme of that exhibit. Also, they had tons of staff on hand to help me if I had any questions about the exhibits. I believe my experiences at the museum moved me to help preserve nature and help the programs that are helping mother Earth.

The natural history museum lets us explore different aspects of our known world in one building. We can go back thousands year looking at dead animals’ bones or looking at bacteria that may hold a cure for some disease. The museum makes us think critically and lets us explore the world we live in. It engages us in activities and the staff tells us interesting stories that we can follow up on our own time. This museum helps us know who we are by having who we were in the past. There is an exhibit of Floridian Native Americans. It showed how they hunt, fished, farm, and live. Studying our past can help us know who we are today and how we should act. Also, it can help us project our goals in the future. It makes me appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by seeing the sizes differences in animals. In the back of the museum, they have a laboratory working with microscopic animals. These organisms are vital in our daily life of being healthy, and we are just barely scratching the surface on how every part of their body functions. Then at the front of the museum we can see a complete Mammoth made up of fossils hovering over the people beside it. It is amazing how the natural world can produce both big and small organisms and makes me wonder what else we will find in the future.


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