Headteacher Update - Panto Special 02/12/19 - 06/12/19

What a show!

I thought this years panto ‘Peter Pants and The Muted Mermaid’ was fantastic.

I could not be prouder of our outstanding young people, amazing staff and supportive parents. I am blown away with the amount of hard work and creativity from everyone involved. It is a massive undertaking and there is a vast amount of learning that takes place for all of the young people involved.

I love to see the school community support the show, thanks to all of the families who came along to the amazing two nights.

A special mention to the Parent Council who always go out there way to help our school events.

‘Peter Pants and The Muted Mermaid’ - Introduction

Just when you thought getting through Brexit and surviving another series of Love Island was grating, well, things are getting decidedly fishier... And, wetter... Naw, more underwater than that…

To a mystical land... To the land of Atlanta, where there has been a new extension added on with Forever Land... To a place where underwater worlds meet enchantment and magic... To a land where Peter Pants (aye the boy everyone wants to be) cannae fly... And, Peter Pants has just met Ella Seaweed (aye the mermaid everyone loves) and she dreams of a world where fish tails are a thing of the past and of a world beyond Atlanta… Even her auntie, Crystal Aqua Pearl (The Underwater psychic to Sir King Seaweed) cannae help these two or can she...?

But, darkness is on in its way because if these two cannae save the day and be the forces of good – well, who can be...?

The evil Captain Tyrant Twisted Claw (aye with a hook hand) has joined forces with the most psychotic and bitter evil sea witch (like ever, and ever), Ursula Ugly, who want to take over the world and banish festivity forever...

Will Ella Seaweed set her sights on the royal sailor, Caspian Marino? Can Wendy Whimsical Darling and The Lost Children save the day? Can Crimson (The Charismatic Crab), Bubbles (Ella Seaweed’s Little Fish Friend), and the other sea inhabitants save the day? Where is Twinkle Pinkle (The Fairy) when you need her? Who knows in this most dramatic and underwater sea adventure in which Christmas could potentially be no more... ‘Tick, tock’ says Snappy Selena (The Crocodile)… Get ready to boo, hiss, and, cheer! Oh yes, you do

‘Peter Pants and The Muted Mermaid’ - Photos

The vast majority of the photography was taken by Alloa Academy pupils and former pupils.

I'm sure you will agree, they look amazing.

‘Peter Pants and The Muted Mermaid’ - Cast

Well done to everyone involved. It takes real courage to perform on stage and you should be very proud of your work.

There is a massive amount of work that goes on behind the scenes and you can see from the amount of young people involved (below) that it is a growing success in Alloa Academy.

‘Peter Pants and The Muted Mermaid’ - Staff and Parents

Thanks to Mr Calder, Miss Shepherd, Mrs Murray, Mrs D'Arcy, Mr Clark and Mr Collins for making this event possible.

Also thank you Mrs Millar, Miss Walker, Miss Moffat, and Miss Byrne who support the front of house.

Finally, Mr Jack is the driving force behind the Alloa Academy panto. We are very grateful for all of your hard work. This opportunity enables our young people to gain confidence and flourish. Well done Mr Jack.

Tweet of the week

We look forward to 'Little Red and the enchanted Red Rose'.

Digital learning

It was great to see many of our teachers further their digital professional learning using 'google classroom'. This learning took place in partnership with Co-lab.

Science - Active learning

I was delighted to see many of the seniors learning through creative and active ways within the Senior Phase in Science classes this week. You can see from the happy faces below that the pupils were responding well to engaging tasks. Well done.


On Friday 6 Dec I attended a Shcool and College partnership event for Forth Valley schools. This was held at St Modens HS.

It was encouraging to see many schools working closely with the college to offer our pupils pathways and qualifications that best meet their needs.

You can see from the tariff points below the benefits of young people undertaking Foundation Apprenticeships (FA). We currently offer these to Alloa Academy pupils and have some being delivered within our school.

It is likely that these will continue to grow in popularity across the schools.

Over the coming year we will consider how we can work closely with Forth Valley schools and the college to sustain the amount of pathways on offer.

I included the slide which shows the growth in options in the senior phase over the past 3 years. It is a remarkable transformation which aims to support our young people into employment/further education.

EASN - Zoolab

I enjoyed taking part in an amazing learning experience in EASN this week. We all enjoyed meeting the animals from Zoo Lab. Not only was it fun, we learned a about the animals and encouraged young people to have a deeper understanding of empathy and care.

EASN - Coffee Morning

The cost of the school day is taken very seriously across the school.

I was really please to see EASN lead by example and consider how they can help the young people access the many events that we run as a school.

The bake sale was a great idea and a real success.

Well done and it is something we must always consider when planing activities.

Pupil Equity Fund 2019/20

To share with the community, some of the strategies we have in place at Alloa Academy, we have developed the following report (see link below).

I hope you find the report interesting and if you have any questions in relation to PEF please get in contact.

Pupil Equity Fund

Standard and Quality Report 2018/19

I have included the following link to the Alloa Academy Standard and Quality Report 2018/19. It reviews the progress made in the last academic year.

Alloa Academy Standards and Quality Report 2018/19

Parents/Carers Information Evening future dates

S2 - Monday 2nd March 2020 4.15pm – 6.45pm

S3- Monday 13th Jan 2020 4.15pm – 6.45pm

S4- Monday 25th Nov 2019 4.15pm – 6.45pm


We are recruiting a Design and Technology Teacher.

There are links on twitter. Apologies in advance for the video, here is the link below.


Enjoy the week ahead,


Colin Bruce