HEARTS of the HOMELESS Helping Others Home

On January 20, 2008, a frigid Sunday morning; a woman wearing only a jacket, three shirts and a pair of blue jeans, lying between two old dirty mattresses for warmth, in a makeshift hut under the Southside end of the Liberty Bridge here in Pittsburgh, PA died from exposure to 5 degree temperatures. This woman, her story, her life, and more importantly how she died and why so many others like her will die too if help is not offered soon.

With winter upon us the need for food, warm clothing and shelter is urgent. Especially, when you find two young people in their early twenties living in an old abandon church with no place to go, and Hearts of The Homeless is able to provide them with food, clothing and a shower so they feel” clean enough” so people won’t judge them for being homeless. Hearts of The Homeless gives homeless women their dignity and the willingness and ability to go stay in a warm place out of the elements so they do not freeze to death. They are given hope, and are excited as they look for a job or applied for entitlement benefits to become self- sufficient.

Programs and Services

Hearts of The Homeless’ primary goal is to divert homeless women from the street and into housing and homeless programs wherein the ultimate goal is to achieve permanent housing. The services provided within this population are typically broken down into four segments:

  1. Emergency Shelter
  2. Transitional Shelter
  3. Permanent Housing
  4. Supportive Services and Life Skills


homeless people in the US

66 percent of homeless have problems with alcohol, drug abuse, or mental illness

22 percent of homeless women claim domestic abuse as the reason for their homelessness

25 percent of homeless women claim to have been abused within the past year.

25 percent of homeless persons are employed

30 percent of homeless that have been homeless for more than two years

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