Becoming a NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST By Carson Oldemeyer

What Is A Neuropsychologist?

A Neuropsychologist is someone who studies the brain, and helps promote new ways to prevent brain injuries. When a person gets a brain injury, they help speed up the recovery so the patient can try to have a normal life again. The Neuropsychologist works with a team of nurses and therapists to ensure the best care possible. Recovery can take several months; even years.

Why do I want to be a "brain doctor"

I want to be a Neuropsychologist because my dad was recently in a motorcycle accident and has been recovering from a TBI since March, and his recovery ends in September. I saw how important his team of doctors were to his recovery and it made me want to do something like that and help families in need.


College, Neuroscience degree, Internship


I interviewed my dads Speech Therapist. My top 5 questions were 1: Is it stressful? 2:What is the average salary and school cost? 3: Do you travel a lot? 4: Daily schedule? and 5: Favorite part about your job?


1: Its very stressful because anything can happen during a therapy session. 2:Average salary is anywhere between $98,000-$123,000. Depends on how much school and experience you have. School is quite expensive; $49,000-$55,000. 3: You travel if you get a promotion or new job in a different city/state. If you are a super good doctor you can travel around the world and help all kinds of people. 5: My favorite part is to see the progress each patient makes each week and especially when you can see the dedication to get better.


After research, I don't think this job would be a good fit for me because of how long it takes to complete school and how stressful it can be. Even though it pays really well and it would be nice to help families in need, I don't think I would be able to do it.


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