cruenta caede et proditione "Bloody murder and betrayal"

Julius Ceaser:

He worked his way up in the government by making friends with nobility and other mischievous ways. He was a very talented military strategist but he was soon assasined by his own government. He ruled from 59 bce to 44bce.

His advanced strategical methods were ver admirable.


He ruled from 37-41 ad. He had a very rough childhood and since he was the only living son of his father people expected a lot from him. He pretended to be a god after taking power. He became greatly unpopular and lots of people wanted to kill him. One of his closest advisers killed him.

He was kind of crazy and his story gives a good lesson on what not to do with our lives.


He ruled from54-68 ad. He was very artistic when he became emperor and his mother killed his father so he could become ruler. He gave more independence to the Senate and put a stop to secret trials. He made life easier for a lot of people, except his mother who he tried to kill (which didn't work.) He made many mistakes and his people wound up hating him causing him later to run away and kill himself.

He made a lot of mistakes, again showing us what not to do with our lives.

Galba et al:

He ruled 68-69 ad. He became emperor when he marched into Rome and the citizens were in dire need of leadership. He made a lot of enemies because he executed many people, allies and enemies alike. He refused to pay a debt to allied and then was murdered by the same person.

Galba et al’s rain gives an important lesson to the people of today that our actions can have major effects on the people around us (and how they think of us.)

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