Mest 1 Section A revision Moving image examples

Below you have 3 exam examples to complete - all moving image. You are expected to use your time wisely to view each clip three times with a short gap and then attempt each question, allocating 15 minutes per question. We will mark these answers. If you complete these and have extra time my advice is to find a contemporary 2 minute clip and create your own exam paper - with 4 questions on F, R, I and A. Good luck, email me if you have any questions or want me to provide online feedback prior to my return.

Text 1 - You are about to see the live-action trailer ‘Epic Night Out’ for ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’, globally released via a range of media platforms on 5 November 2013.

Made to promote Activision’s tenth instalment of its first-person shooter game franchise, the trailer follows four friends who embark on an action-packed adventure through a decimated Las Vegas of the future. It features a cameo appearance by Hollywood star Megan Fox, as well as the song on the soundtrack ‘I’m Gonna Live Till I Die’ by the famous American singer Frank Sinatra.

“Even people who will never buy our game, I want them talking about our advertising and our product,” said Tim Ellis, Activision’s Chief Marketing Officer. “That is the way you build a cultural juggernaut that sustains itself year after year.”

To date, ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ is the most played next-generation console game on both Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. On the Xbox One alone, there have been over 1 billion multiplayer matches played since the game’s launch.

1 Media Forms How is camerawork used in the trailer to show the excitement of playing ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’? [12 marks]

2 Media Institutions How are links with other brands and media products used in the trailer to promote ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’? [12 marks]

3 Media Audiences How does the trailer attempt to appeal to a male audience? [12 marks]

4 Media Representations How is gun violence represented in the trailer? [12 marks]

Text 2 - You are about to see the television trailer, ‘Meet the Superhumans’, produced to promote Channel 4’s coverage of the Paralympic Games. It was first broadcast in the UK at 9 pm on 17 July 2012, across 78 television channels, to an audience of approximately 10 million viewers. Securing the exclusive rights to broadcast the Paralympic Games was a major attempt by Channel 4 to reconnect with its core values of ‘Do it First, Make Trouble, Inspire Change’, as the public service broadcaster had faced criticism for becoming too reliant on reality TV shows such as Big Brother. The multi-million pound Paralympics advertising campaign was the biggest in Channel 4’s history. Featuring the Public Enemy track, ‘Harder than You Think’, the trailer was met with much critical acclaim. The director, Tom Tagholm of in-house agency 4Creative, said: “We knew we had to make some noise. We knew we had to add some edge and grit and attitude.” Tim Hollingsworth, head of the British Paralympic Association, who worked with Channel 4 to develop the trailer, stated: “We wanted to show that every Paralympic athlete has a story, but that it starts with the sport.”

1 Media Institutions How does the trailer promote Channel 4’s brand image? [12 marks]

2 Media Audiences How are viewers encouraged by the trailer to see disability? [12 marks]

3 Media Forms Identify the key narrative techniques used in the trailer. [12 marks]

4 Media Representations How are the Paralympic Games represented in the trailer as a much anticipated sporting event? [12 marks]

Text 3 - You are about to see a short sequence from Frozen Planet, first broadcast on BBC One and BBC One HD at 9.00 pm on Wednesday 16 November 2011, and also made available to watch online via BBC iPlayer. As part of the most watched natural history series in the UK, this episode attracted over seven million viewers. Shot over four years in high definition at a cost of £16 million, the seven-part nature documentary series explored the Arctic and the Antarctic. The end of each episode contained an extra section called ‘Freeze Frame’, showing behind the scenes footage of the production team in action. Made in association with the Open University, the series was presented by Sir David Attenborough. Frozen Planet has been highly praised, particularly for upholding the public service values of the BBC: ‘to enrich people's lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain.’

1 Media Institutions What is the BBC hoping to achieve by including behind the scenes footage? (12 marks)

2 Media Forms How are editing and sound used in the sequence to structure the narrative? (12 marks)

3 Media Representations How is the camera crew represented in the sequence? (12 marks)

4 Media Audiences Does the programme ‘inform, educate and entertain’ its audience? (12 marks)

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