Our Story WE love Lobster. We always have.

Marianne and Steve, age 1

My love affair with lobster began when I was a young teenager. It was the ‘70’s and life was simpler then.

For our summer holidays, my parents packed us up in our old station wagon and off we went across Canada to the East Coast, camping along the way. There were many adventures there and back, but the one thing that stayed with me was visiting a tiny church on Prince Edward Island, where they served up hot steamy fresh lobster dinners in their quaint basement. I was hooked. Each tender morsel dipped in melted butter was a piece of heaven.

That was my first taste of fresh Canadian Maritime lobster, and it certainly was not my last. Decades later, I met my husband, who was a born Montrealer, and also a devoted worshipper of fresh lobster dinners. In fact, his parents cooked up lobster at home and through their example, we began to hold annual Lobsterfest gatherings when we set up house. I’ve never seen anyone eat lobster faster than my husband. He can polish off a five pounder before I’ve tied my bib around my neck.

Rosewood Grille, Las Vegas

We are both foodies by birth. I am Korean and our cuisine is all about fresh, diverse flavours. The rich history of Korea is infused with both Chinese and Japanese influences along with our own unique mastery of using local agriculture and livestock to create a pretty delicious repertoire of signature dishes: kimchi or burgogi anyone? I love to eat, I love to feed other people and I love how food brings people together.

Lobster Monster Poutine

My husband is from Montreal. You can’t be French Canadian and not like food, especially savory, traditional food, like tortiere (deliciously spiced meat pie, for those of you who have never had a slice), Oka cheese, Montreal smoked meat and Montreal pizza. No skinny, lite fare here, it’s all fully loaded, dangerously stacked, pant-busting dishes to fight off those cold Canadian winters. His memories of childhood Montreal is filled with old-fashioned famous haunts like Dunn’s where the smoked meat sandwich was the size of a man’s head and the cheesecake was no smaller.

We have dreamt of having our own restaurant since we were young’uns raising young’uns. Now, we’re not so young and our young are just old enough, so we finally looked at one another one day and said, “Let’s do it! Let’s go for our life’s dream and share what we love with others who love food too.”

So here we are. Welcome to our love affair; with each other, with life and of course, food.

Come in and share the love.

Steve and Marianne

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