Suicide By: Kadynce strate

There are many things that can cause suicide to kids and young adults such as… Bullying, cyberbullying, harassment and much more! Not everyone is able to notice bullying because a lot of it happens online which is cyberbullying. Just because a suicidal person doesn't ask for help doesn't mean help isn't wanted.

Kids/ Young adults don't necessarily want to take their live they just want the pain and thing that is causing those thoughts gone.

Scientifically shown the world health organization estimates about 1 million people die each year because of suicide. Depression takes a big place in suicide. A lot of myths go around about suicide like… People say depressed people who talk about suicide don’t really do it.

Another thing that is said about suicide is… People who commit suicide are crazy, that is found not to be true at all some people just take depression different ways. Some people think depression is caused by suicide.

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