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a birds eye view of the town showing its historic structure throughout the area

what's it all about

The Historic Center of Brugge is located in Brussels in Belgium.The area is located at the southern tip of the North Sea.The cities main focus is its development of art and architecture which is in Gothic brick.the description of the architecture is a characteristic of northern Europe and the Baltic. The 1st century walls are marked as the boundaries of the medieval street pattern along the main roads which lead to the public square which has been well preserved.The main timing of the use was in the 18th and 19th centuries.There where many small events from the years as early as 1751 to some as late as 1997.

Belfry of Bruges:one of the city's most prominent symbols.

Prime example of looking into the past in a new world view.includes a medieval historic settlement,maintained its historic fabric evolving over the past centuries

why does it matter?

The history behind the architecture and the area in general comes with so much.The area is considered a "medieval historic settlement" which has a development of cultural links and ties to Belgium.In the year 2000 on November 30th the historic site of Brugge was founded as a world heritage site. The city owes much to its past as it is a unique historical site. it is conserved a compact city built with a "wealth of art treasures." Brugges is considered a "textbook" of historic information.This would be a vacation for paradise for those looking for additional value.

Golden Age

Back when the historic site was in main use and business its main way of running the area was transporting wool for cloth run by a trade in the rivers from the coast to inland towns in Flander. In the business they payed more taxes to different lords on the way so the high powers around the area. the craftsmen and woman spun the raw wool into yarn and wove it into the cloth some even dying and fulling the cloth.The trade was mainly used in the "Golden Age" in the 14th and 15th centuries.

what if the site is neglected?why take care of it?

The area was well preserved due to the fact that it is a historic area and has much history which needs not to be changed or affected in any way.if the history and importance of the sight will disappear it will no longer inform others of the past.

The home is a mixture of functions. The diversity is an essential urban feature that is needed to be preserved and protected.In 2012 the world heritage management plan was created having a department of conservation and heritage management which is made up of a team of specialist qualified in the history of art and Brugge in general and the restoration process.The plan is fostered to help preserve the area.

How to visit?

When visiting Belgium and coming from out of the country one would travel via airline to arrive to the country. Upon the arrival one can use the train stations located around the are to arrive to the historic site.

Simple yet beautiful views of the area throughout the day.

Visitation and preservation of the historic site

Each person has a right and should have a goal on visiting as much of the world as possible or if not at least learning a little bit about the area.The Historic center of Brugge has it in the name itself it is historic and is meant to be seen and known. History is slowly loosing itself to the new generations,the visiting of the area is not as often as before most use the click of a button to find out the information rather then visiting the area itself and breathing the historic air and learning from first hand views on the site.

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