The conflict of righteousness and corruption By Seung Hoon lee

The spatial experience

The photo above on the left was taken just moments before the play begun. When I entered the theater, I was not very impressed with the setup and the size of the theater it self. I sat somewhere in the middle row and I have to say where I say was probably the best area to sit at as far as viewing experience was concerned. The seat was comfortable but my friend who sat had not taken a shower after a gym session, really smelled bad and that detracted from my enjoyment of the play. As far as the audience were concerned, they were respectful enough to stay quiet and not to cause any disturbance with their phones during the play. Furthermore, the stage lights illuminated the actors perfectly and it aided in my viewing experience of the play. Overall, the viewing experience was decent and I would give it a rating of 4/5. A "place" could make an impact on a person's good life by having obstacles or aid that could effect a persons ability to live out their lives, or in this case, a persons ability to view the play.

The social experience

I attended the play with my roommate, who was the origin of a stench that discomforted everyone, the reason being, he had fallen asleep after a gym session and did not have time to take a shower. Anyways, I dressed in khakis with a button up shirt, so I dressed semi-formal for the play, as had my roommate. I arrived at the theater just minutes before the start of the play, so I did not get to greet with my friends, but from looking at snapchat stories, I could tell a couple of my friends were there. By sharing experiences with someone else, your enjoyment of the experience could amplify, hence boosting you closer to the "good life".

The cultural and intellectual experience

I walked into the play knowing nothing of the context and the themes for the play. The performance did not really impact my views, to be honest, I was only amused by the bits of gag scenes that the play displayed. Furthermore, the play showcased the ignorance the upper and the lower class had for each other. The main stars of the show, Sarah Bernhardt and Michaud, viewed the working class as miserable people whose lives were full of tragedy as well as mourn. Feeling like a victim, they decided to expose the truth about the injustices that the lower class were victims of to the world, which I could understand, but it seemed like a pathetic attempt that would not amount to anything. Of course, their understanding of the working class was destroyed the second they put their foot inside the factory. Being around colleagues who complain about the upper class, I could kind of relate to the views of Bernhardt and Michaud.

The emotional experience

This play exposes the corruption as well as the unfairness in society. The church claims to have the task of god to protect the weak and the naive however are criminals in disguise since they suppress their own crimes committed by their members. On the other hand, the representation of the capitalist system that has been established in the United States, believes that they are a better provider to its people than the church, because they provide jobs and bread to the working people, yet does not even have to common courtesy to provide them with a safe workplace. At the end of the day, the two entities are a lot more like then they think and they should re evaluate their system of hypocrisy. This exposure did not really provide me katharsis, but what I really found interesting was the gag scenes in the play.

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