Around The World An Inside look on India...

Hey guys! I'm blogging from India right now, and I'm going to be showing you an inside look on India before I can do that though, I should probably give you a little bit of background information on India.

India right now has a population of over a billion, and India is at a ranking of 2 in the world. 32.7% of India's population is urban which is a good thing, well at least for us it definitely is. This means that all of these people living in the urban areas all work at the call centers, because the call centers are in the city, and it's easier for people to live close by their jobs.

Now, on to India's children. There are over a million of them living in India. This is also a good thing for India's future workforce, because all of these children will grow up and work at the call centers. India's population is growing rapidly, so this is a good thing for India's workforce.

Everyone working at the call centers go to school for the full twelve years, this is from preschool to high school. They also get more training and schooling for these jobs as well. People working in call centers need to know everything about speaking English, and everything there is to know about technology, so they can solve our problems. This also means that most people know how to read and write.

The training for working at a call center is pretty harsh. The teachers are mean. The training is only preparing people for any rude callers they may have, or any type of situation they may be in.

Taking an actual look at an average day at a call center

The company that I work for, Insiders, actually paid for my plane ticket over to India, and set up a way for me to tour a call center. I was able to see what an average day at a call center was like. I stayed there for basically the whole day, and I got to interview some people there. Everyone I interviewed told me that their schedules are pretty wacky. Which means a person can be up working at 11pm, but it would be early in the morning for people in the United States. Our time zones are different, so they have to be up late to answer our calls and help us with whatever they need. On average a call center worker can make between $9 and $14 an hour.

From my trip, I learned that India actually has an advantage over the United States. The people in America are he ones who are contacting India. The workers in the call centers are the ones who know everything. They are going through all of this training so they can learn everything about technology. People in America are depending on those workers to help fix our problems.

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