Happy Town your happiness is our priority

How much time do you spend doing the things that you want to do? Our society values happiness above all things, giving you and your loved ones a better life. When you first come to our society you will be able to choose from a variety of places for you and your family to live. you will also be able to choose from three different house options with the right amount of room to associate with your family.

To be apart of our society you must past evaluation- a series of classes and tests teaching you how to be happy and make others around you happy. After you have passed you will either start in schooling or choose a career. If you need to finish schooling you may choose between three schools- Artistic , social, and conventional all preparing you or your children for a career path that makes them happy. The school focuses on making learning interesting and fun, each school day lasts three hours. If you are ready for a career you can apply for whatever you like or take a series of short classes to find out what you would like to do. Work weeks last four days and last anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on what job you have. Every two weeks you get a week off and you are given the option to be sent on a vacation of your choice with your family or friends to ensure your happiness.

In our community we have rules to ensure your happiness and well being.

  1. Three hours of school four days a week, no homework.
  2. Have to participate in community; work and school
  3. Counseling every two months.
  4. hour of exercise every day
  5. Arguments between family that are not resolved in two days must be taken care of with counselor
  6. At least two hours must be spent with friends and family.
  7. Be kind to everyone around you and try your best to spread positivity.
  8. Do one act of service a day
  9. Do your role in home; chores assigned to you
  10. Anyone who continually spreads negativity will be sentenced to one year in happy fun park and counseling. If after this they do not change negative or mean ways they will sadly be sent away from our society.

Our society is located in Fiji because of its beautiful landscape. There you can have the option of living on the beach in the mountains or in a field. Living in this beautiful place will be sure to bring you happiness. We also will be soon purchasing islands nearby Fiji to add to our population.

average schedule

  • Wake up and get dressed
  • Make bed and eat breakfast
  • Walk to friends house and ride bikes for half an hour
  • Go home and happily chat with family
  • get bag ready for school and walk to school with sibling
  • go to class and talk to friends
  • Happily greet the teacher and learn about interesting job choices and how to determine which one will make you happiest
  • Go home and get ready for fun stroll along the beach
  • Go out for lunch with family and a few friends
  • Go back home and take a book to a nearby park read for a while and and up meeting some new people and end up becoming friends
  • Walk back home and help an elderly lady on the way
  • Eat dinner with ice-cream as dessert
  • Have a late night with your friends at the beach
  • Walk home and tell family about night
  • Listen to some music and cuddle with your dog
  • Get into bed and read book until you fall asleep

Our government would be ran by five individuals with different ideas on how to make the society a better place. Every two years there is a re-election but each government official can be revoted five times. There are also mayors in charge of making sure that each city is happy with choices government makes.

Our society wants to give you and your loved ones a better life. We focus on making lives more happier and fulfilling. We would love for you to join us.


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