My Quick Loop (aka Tuesday Morning Shootout ride)

As I head out of town I pass by the Tucson Bike Church, which is a walk-in metal sculpture made of bike parts, stained-glass windows and musical chimes, details that at a glance may not be noticed by passers-by.

These are some other directional signs I see in the neighborhoods on my ride.
Coming around A Mountain

A Mountain is also known as Sentinel Mountain. It is approximately 2,897 ft (883 m) peak in the Tucson Mountains southwest of downtown Tucson, Arizona.

There's a monument on the corner where I turn on to St Mary Road for the first sighting of Europeans by the Tohono O'odham, a group of people who lived on A Mountain. This is the last landmark until I get to Ajo road.

Ajo Rd

At least I have a some nice scenery on the hammer fest for the next four miles!

the start up Ajo Rd

Once I turn on to Kenny Road, I get more great views and all sorts of landmarks. Kenny Road goes behind the Tucson Mountains, so you get to see more of the natural environment with landmarks have little to nothing in between them.

One of the more popular landmarks is Old Tucson Studios which is an old film studio where old westerns uses to be filmed. Today Old Tucson is a western theme park on the tourist trail, most locals know it for the Nightfall event that takes place around Halloween, when Old Tucson is transformed into a haunted theme park with zombies and ghost from the past.

The McCain Loop

The McCain Loop in the Tucson Mountain Park adds an extra 6 miles to my ride, it s nice loop off of Kenny Road. The best part is that this loop has almost no traffic . Not only do you get a nice secluded road, but it it s fun easy decent with couple really short punchy uphills.

Gates Pass

Gates Pass is a narrow pass over the Tucson Mountains frequently used by most local Tucson cyclist. Most local cyclist like it because it is a really nice short steep climb, with some amazing views. Not only are the views great, but it a quick way for cyclist to escape from downtown and get to some less busy roads and add some extra miles to their ride.

This is my current bike is a Specialized Tarmac S-works, built with Shimano Ultegra Di2 and carbon Reynolds Wheels, currently it weight about 16.35 lb.

Time to head home

It's all down hill from here, until I'm back into town.

This is University Boulevard which comes at the end of my ride. This is the meeting and starting point for some of the faster group rides lead by Fair Wheels Bikes. If you are interested in joining a group ride the times and information are listed on the link below.

Happy Trails to You!

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