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blood demand is expected to increase by 26% till year 2026

The market for blood products is worth $ 28.8 billion ... and is growing

The blood collection market is expected to reach USD 9.90 Billion by 2021 from USD 7.65 Billion

We can distribute benefits to donors and ensure blood availability

Ensure all needs

Some potential benefits for donors

Discounts on swimming pool, gym, sports facilities
Early diagnostics
Dedicated for donors a workout program and diet
Vouchers for preventive examinations and treatment
Efficient rescue of people in need of blood
Engagement that matters

Why we need blodon►?

because increasing demand for blood and its components

  • Society is getting older, people aged over 70 use up over 46% of total blood supplies
  • Population of people aged 18-50 - potential blood donors - keeps shrinking at the same rate as the elderly population keeps increasing
  • Increase in cancer-alike diseases
Due to these factors and also as a result of some positive changes (such as improvement of effectiveness of medical rescue methods, betterment in medicare services and their availability)
blood demand is expected to increase by 26% till year 2026


  • Build a free application for blood donors supporters and diabetics
  • Create effective networks of donors, supporters and patients in need of blood and connect them with public healthcare system
  • Make blood donations trendy in society, reward donors and take care of generation ‘Z’ and diabetics
  • Manage large groups of donors and patients to minimize "blood waste"
We can ensure blood availability for today, tomorrow and after

What are current challenges?

  • current blood deficit - regular over course of the year, worsen in winter and summer period
  • future blood deficity - shrinking population of blood donors with concurrent increase of the necessitous - World Population Ageing
  • hight rejection rate - on average 15% of donors are sent away as not-qualified
  • limited blood stock optimization - overstocks resulting in obsolesence, shortages of needed groups
  • poor comunication to necessitous - limited awareness of escalation process and support
  • poor communication to donors - lack of urgency, lack of followup and personal care
  • low priority - problem neither popular, nor critical in societies
  • lack of interest - outdated engagement model, social stewardship not promoted
Today in every two seconds someone in the U.S. or Europe needs blood, tomorrow in every second somebody is going to bleed, one day you could need blood.

Watch blodon►

We can foresee when you could save somebody by giving blood, even more we can secure blood when you could need

How we blodon►?

Bleeed►me is a breakthrough on tissue distribution market. Although human tissue is not a “product”, many institutions take benefit from tissue collection and distribution. Our project aims to direct this benefit flow to tissue donors. In the frame of an incoming new higher demand for tissue the effective rewards for donation become a key element. Bleeed►me provides more benefits for donors and supporters. It bonds all in a distributed safe chain of collaboration enhanced with a DDMRP algorithms.

More benefits for donors

Blood is an irreplaceable liquid, critical for sustaining life in human body. There’s no alternative. Human beings cannot do without blood. Without blood the life ends. Launching and successfully delivering this project is a market game-changer resulting in bringing out blood as a ultimate, available medicine.

who is blodon►

Sebastian Zaremba Funder https://fr.linkedin.com/in/sebastianzaremba
Aleksander Sosnowski Expert DDMRP https://pl.linkedin.com/in/aleksandersosnowski
Radek Ługowicz Expert WWW, Architect, https://pl.linkedin.com/in/radosław-ługowicz-7b8687
Anton Bubiel Expert Blockchain Economy https://www.linkedin.com/in/antonbubiel/
Adrian Tkacz Expert BlockChain, Architect https://www.linkedin.com/in/atkacz/
Krzysztof Piech Project Advisor, https://pl.linkedin.com/in/kpiech
Jacek Chmielewski Project Advisorh ttps://pl.linkedin.com/in/jacekchmielewski
contact us: sebastian.zaremba@gmail.com

blodon► the right-share startup

Created By
Sebastian Zaremba


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