Terry Fox By Kiera Fisher

Early Life

Terry Fox was born July 28 1958 in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada to Betty and Roland Fox. He was born with a heart disease in his left ventricle. He had 3 siblings, Judith, Fred, and Darrell Fox.

Terry Fox grew up in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada. In high school he liked to play basketball and enjoyed distance running.


Terry Fox went to Simon Fraser University to study Kinesiology and he played on the JV basketball team there.

Adult Life

Terry Fox was 18 years old when he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right leg. It was so bad that his leg had to be amputated 6 inches above the knee. The night before the amputation, Terry read an article about an amputee who ran the 'New York City Marathon'. That's how he got the idea of the Marathon of Hope to raise money for cancer.

In 1979, Terry began his intense training for his Marathon of Hope. He ran over 3100 miles just in training. He also sent letters out to companies to sponsor him, as well as the 'Canadian Cancer Society'

In April of 1980, Terry started his Marathon of Hope by dipping his leg in the Atlantic Ocean. His plan was to dip his leg in the Pacific Ocean when he got there. Terry had his school friend follow him in a support van.

Terry ran an entire Marathon everyday running 12 miles in the morning, stopping to rest, and then 14 more miles. He was cheered on as he ran through cities and he was getting lots of donations. On September 1 1980 in Ontario, Terry had to stop running because his cancer had spread to his lungs.

Terry died a year after his run when he was only 22. He died after being in a Coma on June 28, 1981 in Westminster, British Columbia Canada.


-600 million dollars have been raised in Terry’s name -

In the Public Opinion Poll Terry was voted the 2nd greatest Canadian.

He was ‘Canada’s News Maker of the Year’ in 1980 and 1981.

He won the ‘Lou Marsh Award’ in 1980.

He was honored with the ‘Companion of the Order of Canada’ in 1980.

Terry Fox is a big inspiration to me as a runner because it shows me the amount of perseverance he had. He was running a marathon a day with only one leg. I can't even run a marathon itself with 2 legs. Terry is also such an inspiration to anyone with a disability that is in the way of what they want to do. Now whenever I'm running and I want to stop because I'm tired, I'll think of Terry and think of what it would be like to only have one leg and hopefully that will persevere me to keep going.

Geography of Winnipeg

The average temperature of Winnipeg is 10.4 degrees in the winter and 78.8 in the summer. Winnipeg is the Capital of Manitoba. It is the city with the biggest population in Manitoba with a population of 663,617. Winnipeg is covered in snow 132 days of the year. It's covered in rivers and lakes that spread in all different directions.



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