A Tour of the Harn by Jacob Reed

Jacquette, Yvonne. Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II. 1985. Harn, Gainesville.

One amazing thing about this piece of art is the incredible attention to detail Yvonne Jacquette attributed in this oil canvas painting. In this picture the lines seem a bit blurred but in person you can tell how much time it must have taken to create even a tree limb. To me, this artwork demonstrates the busy nightlife of Tokyo, emphasizing the busy lives that citizens face each day. The artwork made me feel appreciative of technology and systems that are put in place that make a beautiful city such as Tokyo run.

Roberge, Celeste. Geographies. 1986. Harn, Gainesville.

I found this particular piece/part of the museum to be interesting because at first you can't really tell what it is. Up close though, you can see that this artwork consists of rocks, metals, and other parts of geology. I like the platform that this artwork is on. The white table magnifies the complexity of the structure of the art. This exhibit made me feel curious about the formation of these metals and appreciate the wonder that is Mother Nature.

Lopez, George T. Archangel Raphael. 1900s. Harn, Gainesville.

This artwork is a wood representation of the archangel Raphael, who is known for performing all manners of healing. To me, this invoked my core value of helping others while touching on my faith in Christianity. Raphael's purpose is to heal and help others in the form of healing and comforting. People that behold this symbol hold on to it as a symbol of hope. This instilled hope in me as well, reminding me that things are never as bad as they seem and that good times are ahead when the paths are dark.

Singer, Michael. Seated Bodhisattva. 17th Century. Harn, Gainesville.

This artwork represents the theme of the Good Life, as it shows a bodhisattva, a merciful Buddhist saint and savior, a Buddha who refrains from entering enlightenment out of compassion for all others striving to reach the same goal. The artwork seems to have a spiritual and calming aura about it, reminding the onlooker that inner peace should be valued above all else. This adds to my appreciation of the Good Life theme by showing me a physical representation of someone that has inner peace. You can see the calming nature about the figure just by glimpsing at it.

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