Innovative Media By Valencia Kosunan (0327306)

"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching"

What I would like to gain from this module are more knowledge and experience in using digital media. I'm sure that what I gained will definitely be beneficial for the future. Personally, I like everything related to expressing ideas through arts. Therefore, I'm super excited about making my own animated stickers. Hopefully, it turns out well, and I can use it without worrying about copyright anymore. How cool is that ?

Assignment 1 :


"Let's wander where the wifi is weak"

Exercise 1 : Stop Motion Animation

How to fold a shirt

Who doesn't love travelling? We all do. But what about packing things up? Hm. Don't worry, in this stop motion video, we will show you how to fold a shirt the easy way. It did take a lot of effort in making this video, but at the end of the day, we're very proud to present this cute stop-motion video. We hope that this new skill can help you in your journey :)

This is the group,


We're a group of 4, there's also Hakim, he's the one who took a picture of us. Don't worry you can see his face at the end of the video xD


For more details information, click link below

"Life can take you higher than drugs"

Exercise 2 : Viral Content

Let's kill some time!

Due to the inclining culture of drug abuse, it's very important to raise awareness about these harmful pills. Hopefully, with these engaging viral content, people can understand that there are so many things they can actually do without involving any drugs. These activities will not harm nor kill like drugs will.


C'mon don't be shy, click the button..


Exercise 3 : Infographics

Dangers in Cocaine

We know how dangerous drugs can be, especially cocaine. In preventing others from trying it, we came up with this info-graphic. We even did a research and took note of it for you. It would be such a shame if you miss it out. Spare your time and check it out, you can learn a few things from the facts.


Not clear enough? check link below for the full image..

"The joy of dressing is an art"

Exercise 4 : Mobile App


The main purpose of this app is to provide convenience for people who :

a) have no ideas what their fashion style is, yet still want to be stylish

b) can use movie titles as their reference for fashion

c) want to have style like their actors/actress in the movies

This app divides fashion styles based on different categories of the most favorite movies. This allows users to understand more about fashion styles based on their favorite movies.

Home page- this page contain the logo of the app and 6 button for easy access. Those six button are catalog, sales, best offers, new arrivals, shopping cart, and coupons.

Side feature : the side feature contain contact information and delivery tracking. The contact information is for users to know more about Komorebi and also to have a way of contacting the founders of Komorebi. Delivery tracking is to track the items that users have purchased.

Contact us: contain the logo of Komorebi, contact number, e-mail and general information about the app itself.

Catalog: the first button of home page is catalog. The catalog contain 4 different types of movies which are step up, the vow, fifty shades darker, and twilight. Each category has different clothing so users can choose which category to shop.

Men & Women: each category contain men and women option. It is to help users save time when shopping with Komosubi app.

Clothings: inside men and women option. The users can choose their prefered clothings from the list provided.

Sales: the second button from home page is sales. Users can check from this page what items are on sales.

Best offers: the third button from home page is best offers. Users can check what offer are available in this page.

New arrivals: the fourth button from home page is new arrivals. Users can find out new available items from this page

Shopping cart: this page provide users to cart and view the interested items. If users want to buy the items selected, they can select the check out button. In each items displayed, there are the shopping cart option where they can just click and it will automatically store in the cart.

Coupons: this page contain coupons (discounts) that users can view and use. Each coupons are different and are only available for a specific time.


Interested? download it here..

Assignment 2 :




It started from our love for spicy foods, we came up with this challenge video. In which, we let ourselves become the willing participants to taste different kinds of unique combinations. We incorporated the unique tastes of spiciness from different culture with some ordinary food we are familiar with. Like, wasabi with fried chicken and sambal with sushi. It may sound strange, but we promise you it will be something interesting to watch! So stay tuned xoxo


Mind map




Script / Treatment


Wasabi VS Sambal video

Hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we enjoy creating it :)

Assignment 3 :

Chat Stickers

It started from when i was looking for something special for my dearest friend's upcoming birthday. Usually, I'll be there to celebrate it with him, but now that we're studying in different places, I thought of giving him something more meaningful. A gif stickers collection sounds wonderful. And since it's for a birthday, a gift is a must.


Gifts for you

Chat Stickers Collection ( Gift)

Click cLick clicK the link below


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