Anna Garcia Case #620 FREDDY ABRAHAM

After many months of investigating the death of the 38 year old Anna Garcia. Anna mysterisly died at her house early in the morning with no suspects around. she was walking her dog around 6:30 in the morning. The police and EMT arrived around 9:56 after a call from Anna's neighbor at 9:45. She was found laying down on the floor in a pile of blood with her table dropped. maybe possible of homicide of a finger print in a glass cup that matches to alex garcia. When we interviewed Alex, he told us that he was at her house in the night before when Anna died. Which kinda makes him innocent with no other information of him being in the morning when Anna died. Her time of death was around 7 AM, with her body being un-alive for about 4 hours when the police and EMT arrived around 11. A piece of hair was found at the crime scene which belonged to Anna Garcia when she fell most likely fell at the time of death. an unknown substance was found which was asprin that maybe took cause she could have had a bad head ache or felt nauseas. the blood spatter shows dropping from 90 degress from the height of te table which was around 74cm. the blood was Anna garcias which makes our other two girl suspects innocent.
The fingerprint at the crime scene was Alex Garcia in the glass cup that was halfed drink. Alex Garcia has an arch in the lower bottom of the fingerprint. Also, a footprint was found at the crime scene that belonged to Anna Garcia based on the top of her shoe that is crossed which suggest it being Anna's footprint.
At the crime scene, a little bit of hair was found next to the table that fell and the vomit. It was blond. we tool it for examination to test out who's hair it may be. we took photo of it when we searched it in the microscope and found to believe it to be Anna's Garcia. the reason why is based on our reason they have similar hair based on the following list. they both have the same cuticle which is the outer part of the hair. the cortex shows a lot of similarity, so as the medulla. so facts show Anna's hair was found on the floor.
blood spatter says a lot. the blood at Anna's Garcia's crime scene of course is Anna's. the blood fell from 90 degree angle which shows that it feel straight down from the table that was 74 cm high.
We ran DNA test with the blood and the cups and got DNA from the other victims. the DNA we found was Anna's because we found the pattern from the enzymes and put them in order from a DNA cut to CC to GG.
A substance was found at the crime scene which led to many theories that Anna may have over dosed with the substance found at the crime scene. We found many similar chemicals that may have been the substance such as cocaine, acetylsalicylic acid, ecstasy, acetaminophen, and meth. with a chemical that we made to find out what the unknown substance was. when we checked out everything, the unknown substance was aspirin.
Anna died around 7 am, while she was still dead, an emergancy call came and the police arrived around 11 am. So, she has been dead for about 4 hours.
the autopsy report we got, said many things about Anna. She had a burise in her elbow and head from the fall and the hit on the head. No scratches appeared in any parts in her body and wounds too. her ankles were sowllen and signs of edama are posotive. Anna had a head wound on the right temple, 2 cm in length, and 5mm in depth at the center.
What happened to Anna Garcia is a homocide. based on evidence, she may have been killed by Alex Garcia. The autopsy says she had brusises around her neck which may show struggle that she tried fighting off. His fingerprints was found at the crime scene which may show she was there. The dog was barking which may have showed that someone may have been there and killed her. So, what i know Anna died by someone killimg her.


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