The Divine My Experience with the Good life Performance: By Alex Cohn

Spatial Experience: Entering the building I was not sure what to expect. The entrance is a plain wall with 2 sets of double doors with the title “Constans Theater“. As I entered the theater I was directed towards my seat. I felt cramped in the seats but as I glanced at the set I didn’t pay attention to the tight seats anymore. The set was detailed, with beds and metal arches for support beams. My seat was perfect it allowed for a complete view of the stage while still being able to watch closely and see everything. As the lights dimmed it, the ambiance noises began to play and my focal point became only the stage. The audience around me vanished. Place can contribute a lot to your Good Life. The places you are can affect how you view and experience things and cause different outcomes for individuals.

Social Experience: To prepare for the play I got dressed up in nice jeans and a nice shirt. I attended the play with my 2 roommates Matt and Kevin. Watching the play with them didn’t really impact how I experienced the play because as we watched the play we never discussed anything out of respect for the other students. However, being able to share experiences with people allows for a better reflection on an event and can contribute that to the Good Life in the end.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play opened my eyes to a problem in the late 19th and early 20th century, when social mobility was scarce and higher more respected individuals were able to get away with things due to their status. The play shed light on problems of poverty, something I am fortunate enough to never experience. But it allowed me to learn about a side of our society that I didn't know much about.

Emotional Experience: Watching The Divine and listening to the talk back afterwards, allowed me to empathize with the time period of the play. When there was a lack of social mobility and no one spoke about problems at hand. It presented the problem of child labor and how things like rape were concealed so it wouldn’t cause ‘bigger problems’ with people’s lives. It allowed me to reflect on the time that I live in and the luxuries that I have at hand that in the past and even in today’s society not everyone has.


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