Washington DC BY:TARYN GUINN,bryce caldwell,and will johnson.

The first historical site we are going to is Fords Theater. Fords Theater is a historic site in Washington DC, used for various stage performances beginning in the 1860's. It is also where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.

the Arlington national cemetery

The second site we are going to is the Arlington National Cemetery. The Arlington National Cemetery is the most famous cemetery in the united states .It is the resting place of our nations greatest heroes,including more than 3000 veterans of every american war including the revolutionary war.

Mount Vernon

The third site were going to is Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon was the plantation house of George Washington,our first president of the united states,and his wife Martha Washington.

United states Capitol

Our fourth site is the capitol.The united states Capitol is home of the united states congress,and the seat of the legislative branch of the US federal government.

National museum of american history

The fifth site were going to is the museum of american history. Kenneth e. Behring center collects,preserves,and displays the heritage of the united states in the areas of social,political,cultural,scientific,and military history.

National Archive

The sixth site we are going to is the national archive. It holds the original copies of the united states and its government:the declaration of independence,the constitution,and the bill of rights.


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