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Question: What makes a good citizen?

To be a good citizen you should obey political and social laws. Also to be a good citizen you know your responsibilities and exercise your rights . For example, the right freedom of speech. You are able to say your opinion freely, but the responsibility with that is you're not allowed to interfere with others rights. Like not damaging or hurting others things. That is violating their rights. A good citizen should also try to vote and stay informed.It is a responsibility,something youre expected to do. Sometimes things can be a right and a responsibility. Voting is a responsibility and a right, we are able to choose our government and expect too. In conclusion to be a good citizen you obey laws, know your responsibilities and exercise your rights.

What is the difference between limited and unlimited forms of government?

What is the difference between unlimited and limited governments?The difference between unlimited and limited government is the amount of power.Unlimited government has as much power they want with no limit on what they can do.The government leader has control over all its citizens and makes all the decisions. In the past there's been a track record that unlimited government could result in dictatorship and when some dictators have too much power and abuse it. They don't care about the citizens and break laws. An example of unlimited government was when Adolf Hitler was in power. He had unlimited power and ended up starting world war 2. But then there's limited government when the government power is usually divided among people so no one has too much power. Dividing power among people is called separation of power. Limited government must obey laws, follow the constitution and consider citizen rights. And in most governments leaders must get approval from other people and can't make the decisions by themselves. An example of a limited government is the U.S.A. The government is elected by citizens, and it’s not just one ruler with all power. In conclusion the difference between unlimited government and limited government is the amount of power each one gets.

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