Good Life Tour of the Harn By Hope Saunders. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the harn, and experiencing the world through the eye of someone creative (art is not my strong point)! There were very beautiful displays which gave me an insight to many different cultures!

Medium of art& technique of the artist. Artist:Justine Kurland, Title: Mama Baby, Tidal Pools, Trinadad, California. Composition: 2007, Chromogenic development print. I liked this piece of art as it is a photograph taken by the artist , of women in their raw state, in a natural environment. I also liked this due to the ambiguity that goes along with the shot, leaving the viewer to wonder why the women are naked on the beach. I believe that the raw photo image created by the artist contributes to my enjoyment as they keep it simple!
Design of the museum. Exhibition: Mirror Mirror... Portraits of Frida Kahlo. The Harn museum, is well designed and guides my experience. One exhibit I thought was specifically well designed, was the Frida Kahlo exhibition. I thought this due to the fact there was aspects appealing to not only the visual senses, but there were also documentaries being played, giving us an insight into Frida's background. I personally love photographs of people in their natural form , as I believe it gives viewers an insight into the person's life. This exhibit contained multiple beautiful photos of Frida taken throughout her life, some by her father who was also a photographer. The exhibition provided viewers of an interesting timeline of the events which took place in Frida's life through the element of Art/photography.
How the artwork appeals to your core values. Artist:Audrey Flack. Title: Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters. Composition: 1988, Polychrome and gilded plaster. This piece particularily appealed to my core values, as Flack's contemporary goddess figures are 'powerful, celebratory and exuberant. As a person i would like to think i possess all three of those characteristics. I believe that I am powerful in my approach to fighting through difficult situations, or even as an athlete when I take to the track, I give my 100%. I would also think I am celebratory, as I am a positive person who likes to focus on all the blessings in my life and celebrate others and contributions to the world. I also love to dance and will hit the dancefloor at any opportunity to celebrate birthdays, wedddings etc. Others have described me as an exuberant character, sometimes too energetic for my parents liking however I like to bring some enthusiasm into both my life and the lives of others. Flack also notes that this piece extends her arms and offers a gesture of social healing and regeneration. In my life , I value others dearly and would like to provide a source of comfort to them when confronting difficulties to help them regenerate and bounce back.
Artist:Rafael Tufino Title: Plate 2, Coffee Portfolio. Composition: 1954,Linocut. I believe that this image conveys the Good Life theme, as it shows many people in Mexico working hard to produce coffee. This artwork indicates the intricate process in which coffee production entails: Farming, picking of the beans and grinding. Although these people appear to be working very hard, they are also shown to be relaxing having a singalong in the fourth photo. This piece of artwork embodies the Good Life theme celebration, showing us that although we must work hard , we must also celebrate the blessings in our lives. I believe the artist is conveying that we must have balance in our lives, seeking the good pleasures in moderation, in a ratio of 3 hard work: 1celebration.

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